Ohrter In – Tomato Soup

Ohrter In - Tomato Soup

A short and supersweet episode to complete an amazing lunch! I’ve been wanting to get the soup recipe up for a while now so enjoy! Ingredients – 2 quarts chi…
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Question by Alli Sane: What can i do with canned tomato soup? 10pts?
I want to make this super boring can of tomato soup way better. but im starved of ideas. Any one have any?

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Answer by tish_gunner
You could add some herbs to it, then use it with pasta or something as a substitute to tomato sauce.

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  1. Sautee some garlic and onions in butter add tomato soup oregano, basil and red wine simmer and serve with home made croutons and cheese on top.

  2. grilled cheese and tomato soup. no idea on this one

  3. one word … VODKA Thats right, im talking bloody marys!!!!

  4. make some soup

  5. I boil rotini pasta, when its cooked drain it then add the can of tomato soup to the pasta and stir it until it’s warm, then top with shredded cheddar! :)

  6. Here are some ideas:
    – Add herbs (basil, perhaps oregano, salt & pepper to taste, etc.), and olive oil to the tomato soup and heat/boil it in a pan/pot. Boil some pasta (the thicker you make the sauce, the shorter the noodles you want to use). Then toss the pasta noodles in the sauce. If you want to make it even better, cook/fry some shrimp/tuna and peas/other meats/other seafood in the pan with some olive oil FIRST. Then, take the contents out, and make the tomato sauce. Return the contents to the tomato sauce when it is very close to being ready, according to what you like. Once again, toss the pasta noodles in the sauce and serve. :)

    – Make a creamy chicken parmesean. (recipes are all over the internet. Just use the tomato soup as a substitute)

    – Make vegetable soup with the tomato soup as a base. (once again, there are plenty of recipes online for minestrone/tomato-based vegetable soup.)

    Hope I helped!

  7. use it as a base for pot roast

  8. uhm add some herbs/spices and maybe some big chuncks of brocoli, spinach, carrots. and well you can add in some pasta.

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