Omega VERT VRT330 Juicer- Making Cherry and Tomato Juice Second Look

Omega VERT VRT330 Juicer-  Making  Cherry and Tomato Juice Second Look

John demonstrates the efficiency of the Omega VRT330 VERT Juicer juicing cherries with the pits and heirloom tomatoes. Courtesy of http://www.discountjuicers…
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Question by : Is it too late in the year to get good, sweet tomatoes?
I want to make “Tomato Caprese” for my boyfriend but I don’t know what I’m doing when it comes to tomatoes. I never ever buy them cause I don’t know which ones are good. My boyfriend always has amazing tomatos at his place cause he lives out int he country and buys them from a farmer’s stand…but all I have is the supermarket. What should I buy?

This is what I’m making:,500&um=1&itbs=1&iact=hc&vpx=481&vpy=281&dur=945&hovh=180&hovw=180&tx=72&ty=92&ei=dn7YTM_0ComdnAeeqbSrCQ&oei=bX7YTLGiNYP7lwfk1oWACQ&esq=2&page=2&ndsp=32&ved=1t:429,r:2,s:30&biw=1600&bih=775

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Answer by SuperGrrrl
If you are lucky, the supermarket may have some heirloom tomatoes left…usually the supermarket sells icky greenhouse grown gassed tomatoes which have no flavor. I haven’t seen anything at the farmer’s market other than cherry tomatoes.

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  1. John does juicepresso juice cherries too?

  2. fabulosa esta maquina.

  3. OMG, I don’t have to pit the cherries? That’s awesome! I just had a juice
    of pineapple, kale, and cherries, along with a couple of carrots. I love my
    (Hurom) juicer! :) Thanks, John.

  4. AWESUM….Probably best overall juicer available now- Ive had 3 different
    brands over 10 years.. Add limes to the veggies & you’ll be amazed !

  5. The auger in this juice is rediculously hard, infact 8 time harder then
    most single auger juicers. check out the video he made titled “Omega Juicer
    Vert VRT330 THE NEWEST Omega Juicer Juices Fruits Vegetables and Wheatgrass”

  6. I would not want to eat a LARGE volume of cherry pits. Just like apple
    seeds, contain cyanide. You must eat LARGE volumes of pits/seeds to have a
    problem. From memory, the pits came out with the pulp;not in the juice.
    Dont juice them if you do not feel comfortable.

  7. Does anyone know if this juicer suitable for juicing Kiwi fruits with the
    skin still on?? Torn between the Omega 8006 and the Omega VRT350 HD. Going
    to be juicing fruits mostly.

  8. i love your videos. and because of you I have ordered the omega vert 350.
    I’ll be getting mine on Monday :) So excited for it!

  9. Is that still true even though current model of the the 8006 is supposed to
    have that harder plastic in it? I just today (sept 5 2012) got my 8006 and
    was hoping I might be able to use it to juice cherries in it without having
    to work to hard to remove the pits?

  10. How long will the strainer last juicing cherries – during cherry season.
    pls be honest.

  11. Most fruit pits contain Cyanide! Do not try this at home!

  12. Juice sugar cane. This will be the ultimate test.

  13. I wonder if you could also juice wild plums that are small but have a pit.

  14. I read that cherry pits are poisonous. In your demonstration, did any bits
    of the seeds pass through the filter and end up in the juice? I suppose
    there is no harm in digesting trace amounts of cherry pits, or is there?

  15. Yes, it is ok with Omega that you juice cherry pits. They were the ones
    that showed me it could be done!

  16. The VERT juicer is truly powerful! =D Nice demonstration!

  17. Hey, what about the auger, wont the pits make it scratched/damaged and
    melamine/whatever its made of getting into precious juice?!

  18. Yes, it will juice wheatgrass. When juicing wheatgrass alone, it does sqeek
    bit more than other horizontal single auger juicers, but does get a higher

  19. Wait. I’m confused. Aren’t you juicing pitted cherries on the VRT330 in
    this video?

  20. Can i juicer cherries in omega 8006 or it is only suitable in omega vrt

  21. Got my VRT330 last week and just love it. John, thanks so much for making
    vids of things that we can put through the machine so we know any pitfalls
    before juicing on our own.

  22. Hi, Is the manufacturer ok with juicing cherry pits…..or in other words,
    will do so void the warranty OR shortwn the life of the machine?

  23. I want to see this machine juice persimmon fruit. Thats the real test.

  24. Coolness!

  25. You can juice PITTED cherries in the 8006. You can juice unpitted cherries
    (in moderation) in the Omega VRT330 or VRT350

  26. yah it is to late. you can’t expect to grow tomatos when it’s this close to winter.

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