Organic Tomato Plants 2014

Organic Tomato Plants 2014

my first batch of tomato plants april 20 2014.varieties grown here are sweet solano, friend, berkeley tie-dye,haleys purple comet.
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Question by magnus7661: is the sweet onion chicken teriyaki from subway a good choice?
is the sweet onion chicken teriyaki sandwitch from subway a good choice for someone whoes on a diet? im tired of cooking my own food and figured i would try something different for tonight.

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Answer by Amanda
That is all I ever get from there. Try it with green peppers, banana peppers, cucumbers, letuce and a little tiny amount of the sweet onion teriyaki sauce. It is amazing!

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  1. Good to see some healthy tomatoes Clive after my crappy season. My two
    Victoria’s beauty plants just up and died! O well , I have four beds of
    entirely new ground for next time.

  2. I think it tastes okay but the sauce is not good for you. You’re better off building your own sub with lean turkey and veggies. Mustard or vin/oil would be a better choice! And if you want to be real lean, no cheese!

  3. it is my absolute favorite, try it with cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce (spinach if you like it) and make sure to have it toasted.

  4. Try it and find out yourself.

  5. I always get ham, roast beef and salami on honey wheat with; Swiss cheese, light lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions, and lots of spinach with light honey mustard and oil and vinegar. I know it sounds like a lot to remember but it is SO good, whenever I get it and I’m with a friend I let them try it and they always comment on how yummy it is.
    My sister does get the sweet onion chicken sub and she says that is it yummy as well, but try making your own! There are SO many different ways to make a sub and since they are only $ 5.00 why not try something new whenever you do go?

  6. Lyndsay B: I don’t see how OIL is good for you. It is the WORST condiment you can add at Subway..but anyway.

    I think that it is pretty decent “diet wise”. There are far more choices that are worse for you there! Go ahead and get the footlong and save half for tomorrow. Make sure to load up on the veggies, skip the cheese and mayo. Vinegar and mustard will be fine. The chicken is lean cuts and not a very big portion, so you will be just fine. Try the honey oat bread, its wonderful.

    *EDIT* I actually just checked the nutritional value and its one of the BEST!! 5 grams of fat! Awesome.

  7. you could get something healthier, like turkey or the veggie one. but it sounds like a good choice to me!

  8. I think it would be an excellent choice, it sounds yummy to me.

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