Pizza Sauce Recipe – Chef John’s Secret Pizza Sauce Recipe

Pizza Sauce Recipe - Chef John's Secret Pizza Sauce Recipe

Learn how to make a Pizza Sauce Recipe! – Visit for the ingredients, more …
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Question by .: i need some sweet pea help please…urgent!?
i have sweet peas, and i know this may sound kind of silly, but can you eat the peas they produce?
they’re white flowers, when the flowers die they are turning into peas, they look like sugar snap peas, sort of..or mangetout?
just seems a bit of a waste
any help would be gratefully accepted :)

also im growing tomatoes, when the tomatoes begin to fruit, what to they look like?
does the flower die, and turn into a kindof green ball thing which will then ripen?
im confused!


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Answer by M
DONT eat the peas they may be poisonous. Your correct with the toms, they turn red or yellow when ripe. Enjoy.

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  1. Chef John, whenever I eat out and have pizza, more often than not, I find
    the tomato sauce is really sweet (not sickly sweet though). More like tangy
    sweet, but doesn’t dominate the overall flavour. Any ideas on how to
    reproduce that? Or anyone else can you help me? I’ve tried adding all sorts
    to my sauces: raw cane sugar, honey, even maple syrup! But it never works
    out though. It’s as though there is a secret ingredient they use, but I
    would love to know what

  2. Im allergic to all seafood(I know it stinks) so is there anyyhing you
    substitute the anchovies with

  3. When I made this sauce I think it didn’t taste as good as your sauce in the
    video because it’s lacking in an essential seasoning. Where can I order a
    bottle of your palm sweat?:P haha

  4. Donkey Chain Chef John I’m giving it a 10 out of ten so to speak 

  5. I have an auto immune system..


  7. Can some1 pls give me the recipe?Cus i dont really understand all
    things/materials i need

  8. for all people who looking for perfect pizza sauce….

  9. Who knows ? Who cares ?! My grandma did it so I do it too ! Love it !

  10. Have you tried the San Marzano-style tomatoes from California? They’re even
    better than the canned Italian ones in my opinion. 

  11. Where do you buy just two little anchovy filets?

  12. If I wanted to substitute the canned tomatoes for real ones how many should
    I use?

  13. Why did you take out the seeding step from your last pizza sauce recipe?

  14. When he keeps saying “Oh-raygun-Oh” I presume he mean Oregano? And when he
    says “erbs” I presume he means ‘Herbs’?

  15. And just like that, I’m subscribed! This looks AHHH-MAAAA-ZIIIING!! Going
    to try it on the cauliflower crust this weekend!

  16. “Pizza gets ruined if they too much sauce on them”. Well, thats the one
    time I disagree with Chef. I love the sauce! the more the better. 

  17. I’ve never thought of the anchovy filets…………what a great idea!!!!!!

  18. swiss pizzeria omg

  19. yummy , one of my favorite chefs 

  20. yummy!!!

  21. Thank you for sharing. I have my dough rising for tomorrow and need to buy
    a few tomatoes to make this sauce. I prefer to use fresh tomatoes because
    i’m trying to stay away from anything processed. I cant wait to make this
    sauce. Again, Thanks☺

  22. ! Yum all up :o)

  23. this voice has medical affect

  24. This man cooks I man eat and then I man praise this cookman

  25. Don’t eat the sweet peas; they are poisonous. Just enjoy the pretty flowers and the aroma.

    Most tomato varieties ripen the way you describe. First they are small and green, they get bigger and turn red or reddish orange. The only kind I know that doesn’t turn red is the brandywine variety, which is greenish-pink and cracked when ripe.

    Good luck with the growing!

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