Planting Cryptomeria Japonica In The Field Pa Grower

Planting Cryptomeria Japonica In The Field Pa Grower

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Question by Andrea Z: What are the best tomatoes to plant for eating?
Last year, I planted Early Girls. I got a lot of tomatoes but they didn’t have that good of a flavor. This year, I planted Big Boys and I’m still waiting for them to turn red and it’s the end of July. So I don’t know how they taste yet.
What are your favorite eating tomatoes?

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Answer by vmcgui
Burpee big boys have that great taste.

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  2. hmm I think italian heirloom varieties are the most flavorful! Here is a description of my fav “Sicilian Togetta”

  3. I say Cherry they are like Candy!!!

  4. Every year I plant an heirloom tomato called ‘Bonnie’s Best’. My grandma turned me on to this plant. Its bright red the weigh around 10oz and they are PERFECT for Northern regions. Takes 72 days from planting to harvest.they are solid.Also easy to find , but get em early cuz they run out fast. Hope this helped

  5. I like my Beefsteak tomatoes. They’re big and juicy but I will certainly try Bonnie’s Best next year.

  6. I planted Heirloom tomato’s from Burpee last year. They produced a good tasting fruit but since they were heirloom the skins tended to split. This year I am planting a tomato called mortgage lifter and mine are still green right now. I also have a heirloom that sprouted and a Roma that I planted. So I will have a gang of tomatos this year. Looks like I will be making sauce.

  7. Cherry “Sweet 100” are great.

  8. My friends and I have taste test every year and we have all arrived with the same conclusions. These three are the best, not necessarily in this order.
    Cherokee Purple
    Brandywine Pinks and Reds
    You will be happy with these three.
    I grow 12 varieties of heirlooms.

  9. Great googlymoogly! Where do I start? There are so many. That’s why I grow way too many tomatoes every year. It depends on what you want to do with the tomatoes. I like a nice tomato sandwich. Just a nice, big, overripe tomato on a slice of lightly toasted rye bread with some mayo and perhaps some basil or oregano. For that purpose you need a big tomato, a “beefsteak style.” There are a lot of tomato varieties like this. My favorites are Black Krim, Brandywine and the hybridized version Brandyboy, Big Rainbow, Cherokee Chocolate, the classic Beefsteak and the hybridized version Super Beefsteak and Tie Dye. For smaller tomatoes that one might slice for a salad, Abraham Lincoln, Red Lightning and Box Car Willie are my favorites. Plumb and cooking tomatoes are the classic Roma and San Marzano. These are just my favorites, you should understand, and only the ones I have grown myself. Honestly, any tomato that is not one of the over – hybridized versions that have been bred to be tough so they survive the trip to the market will be delicious when allowed to ripen fully on the vine. The aforementioned tough, flavorless, hybrids come mostly from the Rutgers strain that was developed for commercial agriculture by it’s namesake. Another consideration is getting enough calcium into the soil as this is what the plants need to set and produce tasty fruits. Eggshells and bone meal are good for this. Getting back to the different varieties: There is an absolutely astounding variety available. We are experiencing a “tomato renaissance.” It’s too late to plant now but you might consider these web sites for seeds next year. Oh, and more more thing. Your Big Boys will ripen soon enough. It seems the best ones like to keep us waiting:

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