planting out tomatoes with biodegradable frame

planting out tomatoes with biodegradable frame

planting out tomatoes with biodegradable frame.
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  1. Marigolds are super for keeping tomato fly away… and carrot fly and onion
    fly. I’m not sure about slugs, maybe when they are big but I have a problem
    with slugs eating the marigold seedlings. So, pellets it is. I put 2 more
    beds in today and I’m transplanting like mad. Update soon. Best Wishes,

  2. Egg shells are good for slug prevention the shells cut the slugs.

  3. @baconsoda You are right brenden it is insects they keep at bay not slugs,
    maybe thats why they wear them in india as garlands at religous
    festivals,anyway they look nice too,cheers garry

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