Planting seedlings

Planting seedlings

C Monster helping me plant soy beans.
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Question by dingo dam: what should i do to make growth slow of a tomato plant?
we have a flower show and this time i put the seeds a little earlier,and the tomato plant is growing very rapidly and flowers have also come……….so can i just cut it from the top…that is main stem or what do you suggest? because there are 4 1 months left???

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Answer by george nash
If you live in the US your tomato plnt willslow down if not stop growing in the winter. Ifin doubt try planting some more tomatoes at various intervals and use both determinite and indeterminite varieties. (Determinite varieities set all their fruit at one time and indeterminite varieties set fruit over most of a season).

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  1. In TX we cut our tomatoes back really harshly in July to regrow and produce a fall crop – most years, that is, this year we have had 71 days over 100 so everything fried. Anyway make proper cuts like on other plants – cutting back to the next connecting stem or branch. Careful, don’t cut off all of the leaves – they store carbs that will heal wounds and get them growing again. If you’ve never done this before you might want to try it just on a few of your plants.

  2. What you can do, is to cut the tops off of some very healthy plants, and grow new ones. Mine got a massive infestation of hornworms and I couldn’t deal with that,not to mention I had trouble seeing them so I cut the tops off of many of the healthy ones and pulled the rest out.I replanted the tops after rooting them and now have new baby tomato plants. I am getting tomatoes on two of the plants already. You need to cut at least 12 inches of the top of the plants off and then strip all the leafs off except a few at the very top. Then put them into warm water for a few days and you will see them start to root. After that just plant as you normally would.

  3. Even if you do cut off the tops and root them, they will again be big and producing tomatoes in 4 1/2 months. I would let what you have grow and enjoy the tomatoes. Then about 10 to 12 weeks before the show replant seeds and you should have good flowering plants for the show. If you do try to root cuttings, you will also need to give them 8 to 10 weeks of grow time before they really start to bloom.

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