Planting Some Tomato Seeds

Planting Some Tomato Seeds

I couldn’t believe how few seeds there were in the package. :(
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Question by : Cutting back tomato plants?
My Tomato plants are huge and have grown into each other and out of the garden. I’ve never seen anything quite like it. They’ve grown about six feet high and five feet wide. Can I cut the branches off or will it damage the plant? They’ve gotten so big that they can’t support themselves anymore.

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Answer by Auntie Anne Arkey
Wow, sounds like you’re going for a super-crop this year. Unless a dwarf variety, I think all tomato plants require some kind of caging and staking to keep them upright. Yes, you can trim without damaging the plant. It is actually a good idea to clean out the plants so the insides of the plants get air and light. Needless to say, don’t trim branches that are loaded with flowers. Make yourself the most popular person on the block and take your branch trimmings, stick them in some super moist soil, and in about ten days, you’ll have brand new, viable tomato plants to give to your neighbors.

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  1. man, you got ripped. I just busted open a pack of burpee seeds and there
    was like 10x the ammount you had. I start mine inbetween a soaked paper
    towel on a differ plate. Not a single one of those seeds sprouted. Guess I
    got ripped too.

  2. man, that was cheap. Oh well, hope they still grow though! Make a video
    when you are finished planting all please.

  3. wow great camera!

  4. Not too well. Half of them have died. I think that the problem might be
    that they haven’t gotten enough light, :(

  5. You got jipped, hopefully the grow anyway

  6. How are they coming along?

  7. Sounds like you planted an indeterminate type…which grow…and grow…and grow.
    Too late for cages but you could construct and place tee-pees over them and tie off the vines for support.

    There’s no real problem with them growing together other than the close quarters will reduce air flow and may encourage fungus-type leaf diseases.

    You can trim branches selectively without hurting the plant as long as you don’t go crazy. Avoid cutting the leader b/c that will inhibit your late-season production.

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