Planting Tomato Seeds Using My No Stretch Method

Planting Tomato Seeds Using My No Stretch Method

Growing tomato plants is easy. Following my growing method will help you grow quality plants without the stretch. Watch and learn Thanks for Watching.
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Question by godiva: tomatoes not growing?
I need an answer as to why my tomato plants are not growing. They are healthy and even have small yellow blooms on it (a few) but they aren’t growing in height. What is my problem. I do give them powdered milk cause it’s full of vitamins and minerals. just a tablespoon in a couple of gallons. that works wonders on them also epsom salts in water help the roots. but the height isn’t growing, any suggestions?

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Answer by roxie_xd
my tomatoes are covered in blooms but they are not very tall…. yet! Give them time, as the fruit starts to mature they will start to get taller. Be sure you have them staked and will be able to tie them up, when the tomatoes get ripe they will weigh down the plant.

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  4. I wish I had the little blooms you have, my maters are getting tall, but no sign of blooms!
    Have you tried the miricle grow powder for vegetables? Get an old gallon container (milk or water) and the instructions havve you put so many tablespoons of the miricle grow powder (it’s more of a crystal like stuff) and pour it into the gallon of water, then you water with that like every 2 weeks, but don’t forget to water regularly in between.

  5. They might have salmonella.

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