planting tomatoes in australia

planting tomatoes in australia

A five row tomato planting working in victoria.
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Question by Razzo_83: Are green leaf like bugs beneficial or bad for my tomato plant?
Every now and then when I inspect my tomato plants I discover little green leaf like critters on my tomato plant. It blends in very well and looks like a leaf.. They are normally found underneath the leaf or on the stem.. I get tired of picking them off my plant.. Please let me know if its good or bad. Also how often do I water and fertilize my tomatoes.. Thanks

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Answer by darka d
Anything that looks like a leaf is likely to eat leaf, so YES. They will suck your plants dry and kill them. Is this your culprit : ? Aphids are one of the most common garden threats. Ladybugs and spiders will eat them, whereas marigolds and nasturtiums are good companion plants that will repel them. Basil is a good indicator on tomato health, and is also delicious with tomato dishes. (first link)
Comfrey or nettle tea will make your tomato plants stronger and more resilient against bad bugs. (see second link)
Tomatoes are made of mostly water, so water daily and keep the soil moist! To much water however will make your tomatoes explode and the roots rot, so keep it moist, not drowned. Likewise they like lots of nutrients, so plant them in compost, that should see to their need the entire growing season.

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  1. Yeah they suck the quantity of the plant.but they are ants’ prey!!!

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