Planting Tomatoes in Cages

Planting Tomatoes in Cages

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Question by vince1389: Tomato Plants again……?
My Tomato plants are ony about a foot tall, but i planted them in early march and now it’s early may. i took a tomato from walmart and saved the seeds, could it have been that the species of tomato were small plants?

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Answer by kay
Possibly. But are these plants in the ground or in pots? What’s the soil temperature and air temperature been like?

Temperature is a *big* factor in tomato plant development. They like a little warmth, and in fact, most cultivars won’t set fruit until night temperatures remain above 55oF.

You can set out big plants early and they may well survive, but they don’t grow much. In many parts of the US, if you direct seed tomatoes at about the time you’d ordinarily transplant, you get tomatoes from the seed-grown plants within a day or two of transplants. That’s how strong the temperature dependence of growth is.

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  1. As I watch this I’m wondering how just regular black trash bags would work.
    Windy shoot it stays wind now days here in TX.LOL you have the same problem
    i do cant keep stuff in my shirt pockets

  2. yea turkeys, chickens, several other farm birds. and yes we do fertilize
    with droppings

  3. I know it is over two years since posted but I still would like to thank
    Y’all for taking the time and for your generosity, in sharing your lives
    and your techniques. So … just “Thanks”.

  4. Great video. I love how you all work together to do things. I guess this is
    what a family does huh? LOL My question is; What time of year is the best
    time to plant them like this where you live?

  5. you are more then welcome :)

  6. Knowledge is a good family heirloom, it last forever if it’s maintained and
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  7. Good farming. I learned last week that using red plastic instead of
    transparent or black helps tomato plants grow/ripen more quickly, but the
    experienced gardener who said this also said it’s unnecessary for here,
    southeastern Quebec, Canada. Seems noisy at your farm tho; sounding like
    you’re next or else very close to a highway that’s noisy & this must be
    unpleasant. Farm looks good, but those noises from the highway would bother
    me. Might be practical for distribution, but ….

  8. I heard a turkey gobbler! Do you raise birds? I think you have quail but
    turkeys too? Do you use the manure for fertilizer?

  9. it’s time to plant them right now

  10. Great vid nice job

  11. Oh OK! Thanks for answering so fast. Love your family and your videos. Well
    done! I have learned so much. Bless you all.

  12. Your plant sounds like it is just fine, but it could possibly be a bush tomato and won’t get tall. Try a homemade tea for feeding. Here’s the receipe,and this makes a gallon of tea and works for any plant.
    1 tablespoon dishwashing liquid
    1 tablespoon vegetable oil
    1 tablespoon epsom salts
    1 tablespoon baking soda
    1 gallon water
    combine the ingredients and use for watering once a week.
    tea cleans root system,encourages more blooms, and helps keep pests away, also can be used to spray house plants for aphids and white fly.
    good luck

  13. That sounds about right just water regularly and use some epsom salts on them or any fertilizer you like.

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