Planting tomatoes in the garden.wmv

Planting tomatoes in the garden.wmv

Planting tomatoes in the garden: how to plant tomato seedlings. Protect new tomato plants, especially when planting later in the season.
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  1. Dont the racoons or possums eat your vegetables?

  2. isn’t a tomato plant a type of vine, and thus it can grow roots all over
    its stem as long as the stem is covered with soil? just asking?

  3. @GardenCalifornia Yes, we’re in the 90s all week, but with a little shade,
    our newly-planted tomatoes are thriving!

  4. Must be pretty hot down where you live. Good video!

  5. I live in south Texas and its hot all the time ohh you have a really
    wonderful garden, you should post a video of a tomatoe harvest.

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