PlantProfile : Celebrity Tomato

PlantProfile : Celebrity Tomato

An average productive hybrid with a bright red finish, this tomato is very meaty and resistant to B.E.R. and cracking of the skin, nice overall tomato with 1…
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  1. This is my 1st year with Celebrities. They are strong and healthy,
    blossoms everywhere. I am suckering when I get the chance to. Looks like
    the will keep going for awhile. Last year, I got hit with blight pretty
    bad with other varieties. I also mulched with straw this year. I cannot
    complain. I started mine from seed. 

  2. This is my first year growing tomatoes. I got a 4 foot cage for the
    celebrity since it says it only grows 4 foot tall. Do you think it will be
    ok with the cage I got?

  3. Did you plant it from seed? How old is the plant, and how did it get so

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