Pork loin in a Tomato Fresh Basil vegetable sauce Mediterranean food

Pork loin in a Tomato Fresh Basil vegetable sauce Mediterranean food

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Question by : Are tomato seeds poisonous? What does sprouting seeds mean?
I am going on a healthier diet. So that means eating more fruits and vegetables.

i heard somewhere that one should not eat the seeds of a tomato. That it is poisonous. Is this true?

And what does sprouted seeds mean?


Best answer:

Answer by sweetie pie
no tomato seeds are not poisonus!! If anything they are actually good for you.

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  1. Tomato seeds poisonous? Sheesh! Where does this idea come from? Look inside a tomato next time you slice one open. See those little yellowish things inside, with a jelly-like coating around them? Those are seeds. I never heard of anyone de-seeding a tomato before eating it. Sprouted seeds are ones that have started to grow into plants.

  2. I think if tomato seeds where poisonous there would be a lot of sick people about dont you think, No! There ok really and as Kelly said sprouting means that it is growing, pot the seed up, put in a sunny spot in your garden and support with a cane and water & feed.
    A little Tip if you suffer from the acid of a tomato sprinkle sugar on them and grill it takes the acid out.
    Enjoy your tomatos.
    Jackie :)

  3. People used to think that tomatoes were poisonous because they are part of the nightshade family, and some plants of that family *are* poisonous. Potatoes are also part of the same family as well. The tomato seeds are fine and safe to eat :)

    Sprouted seeds are just that – seeds which have sprouted. The idea being that they have all the nutrients etc that would go into a full size plant, but you eat them at the tiny spouted stage and get big (tasty!) doses of those nutrients. You can buy seed sprouters and have a couple of layers of things sprouting at a time, and they’re great to add to sandwiches and salads.

    Bear in mind that veggies are roughly, generally ‘healthier’ for you (especially if cooked properly – ie not much!) than fruit because, although fruit is much better for you than a whole load of other food, it does contain a lot of (natural) fruit sugars. You know, fruit is still better for you than fries and sweets, but it’s just something to be aware of – if you’re trying to get your 5-a-day, make sure it’s not all fruit :)

    I’m a bit geeky-nerdy about nutrients and stuff in foods so feel free to get in touch if you want to know more :)

    Oh and GOOD LUCK! It’s a good choice you’ve made and as long as you can stick with it and get yourself into the habit of healthy eating, you’ll be much happier and healthier. I wish you well :)

  4. Boy is that an old wives’ tale. Tomato seeds are in the tomatoes themselves. Back in the early 1800’s or earlier, tomatoes were called “Love Apples” and considered poisonous.

    I’m assuming when you say “sprouted seeds” you mean when gardening. You can sprout seeds indoors by planting them in a small amount of dirt before transplanting them to the outside. You can use small Dixie cups, peat pots or peat pellets, or any other small containers, even egg carton sections, to begin.

  5. tomato seeds aren’t poisonous! they are also edible (fresh)…
    sprouting seeds mean ,when they are starting to grow out of soil…

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