Prudac Pot Tomato Tarzan F1 Growing

Prudac Pot Tomato Tarzan F1 Growing

Tarzan F1 is a semi determinate growing type for professionals and hobby. It grows up till approx. 40 cm and produces a bunch on top with 3-5 fruits. The new…
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Question by .::rainbow armadillo::.: For the experienced Southern gardeners-Is it almost impossible to grow tomatoes on the MS-LA-AL-FL Gulf Coast?
I have tried different varieties, methods, etc…but my tomatoes always get the virus from the humidity and rain we get in the summer…any tips would be appreciated or should I just give up and grow okra? lol…THANKS!!!

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Answer by stoneytreehugger
I live on the Louisiana Gulf coast and have the best luck with the Creole variety. Cherry tomatoes also do well for me here.

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  1. no dont give up!. you can grow the biggest greatest tomatoes in the country where you are. what kinda problem are you having exactly?, where they rot at the bottom? bug problems?. ok when you plant them, put miracle grown in the hole before you put in the plant. ok make a dirt mound around the baby tomatoes stem up until the first leaf. ok put a wire basket around it and water everyday. ok here is the kicker that will stop the rot, 7 dust when they fruit. you can get it at the co-op or walmart, dust the plants good once a week. when i was little we had fields and fields of vegetables, not even gardens they were big fields on the MS gulf coast, and this is what we did to make our tomatoes grow big and beautiful and we always had tons. good luck oh and miracle grow once a week.

  2. Grow in under natureal manure and spray some insecticidal!!!

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