Pug Eats Cherry Tomato

Pug Eats Cherry Tomato

Ridiculous dog I met at a friend’s house in Kentucky.
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Question by LoveMoo11: what to do about late blight? (tomatoes)?
I think I have late blight on some of my tomato plants. The tomato plants that are affected are in a 12 x 4 raised bed. There are 9 plants and some strawberry plants. I know I need to remove the affected plants but what about the rest? Should I just wait and see? Will the strawberries be affected? I noticed nothing yesterday and then this afternoon a bunch of the green tomatoes are turning a rotten brown color as well as some leaves, and some are falling off. It has affected three cherry tomato plants and one roma. I am really upset because I don’t want to lose my whole harvest, and I am not even sure where to start. Thanks.

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Answer by Chris
Late blight only effects tomatoes and potatos. Wait a little bit and make sure that is what it is, late blight. If it is you will have to pull all your tomato plates out of the ground and put them in a garbage bag and throw them out. Then someone told me that you have to roto till your garden with bleach and cover it with black plastic for two weeks and re-roto till with bleach and cover with plastic again tell next year.

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  1. tomatos are bad for dogs!!

  2. Tomatoes can be toxic for dogs. Please check this out.

  3. Tomatoes are NOT bad for dogs. The only part of the tomato that is bad for
    dogs is the plant (the stem and the leaves). The tomato fruit itself is
    fine and okay for dogs. I feed my Pug girls cherry or grape tomatoes every
    now and then in small amounts and they love and do enjoy them a lot.

  4. A better way to dispose of them is by burning if your area allows it. This will kill the fungus instead of letting it spread once it hits the landfill and the bag gets torn open.

  5. Do routine check-ups and spray often. If you see infection, remove the diseased and destroy it. Read more about it here.


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