Rabbits Eating GREEN CHILLI and TOMATO :P

Rabbits Eating GREEN CHILLI and TOMATO :P

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Question by : Are tomatoes deadly to dogs?
I read online that tomatoes were toxic to dogs, and my chihuahua just ate a little bit of one. Will he be okay?

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Answer by Tess is my BC&Millie is my MUTT!
A little bit probably won’t do him any harm…
Just keep an eye on him but i wouldn’t think it would be something to worry too much about.
If he had consumed a lot then i would have contacted your vet.

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  1. Yes- probably.
    They are okay but cause cancer if eaten in large portions. Just monitor her and make sure you see no signs of sickness. Cancer usually effects larger breeds like Goldens and GSDS but be careful. Better veges would be carrots.

  2. It’s the leaves of the plant that are deadly, not the tomatoes themselves. Don’t let the dog chew on the plant or the stems.

  3. he will be fine. he might have diarrhea but dont let him eat it anymore.

  4. My Westie enjoys tomatoes so much that she goes in the vegetable garden and helps herself. If it is toxic to dogs, she has showed no health problems. I personally would say no since my dog has been eating them for at least 6 years.
    I am interested in reading other replys.

  5. The leaves, the plant and green tomatoes contain a toxin, but it is almost non-existant in red tomatoes.
    So no, a few red tomatoes here and there will not harm your dog. Many dog foods contain tomatoes.

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