Raw Video: Spain’s Annual Tomato Fight

Raw Video: Spain's Annual Tomato Fight

Tens of thousands of people have splatted each other with 120 tons of tomatoes during the annual `Tomatina’ battle, leaving the eastern Spanish town of Bunol…
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  1. This is retarded

  2. Africa? Spain is in the midst of an economic depression!

  3. who cares, they mostly die of aids and diseases anyway…

  4. What a waste of food.. some people starve while others waste.

  5. The Society of Spectacle by Guy Debord

  6. all we need is some C4 XD

  7. Yeah, and these are the folks who torture and kill bulls and other bovine
    all in the name of fun, too.

  8. Придурки

  9. you know the saying” stop feeding stray animals. Why? Because they breed.

  10. I mean how many ethromopians can you feed off of what they throw around?
    What they need to do is change this thing into a red paintball grenade

  11. a thought the video to be about the annual gay parade. LOL

  12. poorest country in europe and they want to be bailed out!

  13. This has to stop.

  14. what a waste of space tradition and country

  15. tomatoes, as well as unlimited soma and fee lies

  16. this is just sick if you ask me,,,nobody is hungry on the planet…..i

  17. people die starving…mate, u are completely right !

  18. That’s one thing to do with the tomatoes you can’t give away because
    everyone elm’s garden is over run with them. Steer away from the zucchini
    fight those might hurt you.

  19. the sad truth: many people in africa die from hunger

  20. Looks like hell. Literally … Hell. Hey, I wrote a song, and I’d be really
    grateful for some feedback. If you like my song, it would mean a lot to me
    if you’d return here to thumb this comment up, but no matter either way.

  21. viva la tomatina, viva valencia!!!!!

  22. Meanwhile in Africa …. people are starving

  23. black people have aids..

  24. peasants shouldnt be wasting food. if you have money to buy tomatoes to
    throw at each other like monkeys, pay your loans off first.

  25. Meanwhile, in Africa…

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