Ash and Bow get the veggies going for the gah den , time to repot the tomatoes and other veggies , this is how we do it …. plant on….!!! http://www.youtu…
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  1. Yes the temp ranges from 70 to 78 F , its in my boiler room so its always
    warm , the shelving is rubber made rack system , not cheap but perfect for
    this application….

  2. Your plants are looking great! Big variety as well!

  3. I wonder how many tomato seedlings I’d have if I planted outside before
    that soaking rain we just had in MA and now its going back down into the
    40’s later this week. I just started my tomatoes inside. I just realized
    that’s a pretty good system with the racks like that because the heat from
    the bottom lights heat the tray above for good germination temps.

  4. Im from Boston , …..tomato plants should be started 6 to 8 weeks before
    planting in the ground or two weeks after the last chance for frost , so
    there is no way you can plant seedlings directly in the ground , also you
    have to harden off the plants to get them used to the cool night air and
    wind….. it is not possible to have seedlings mature properly without re
    potting them to larger pots.

  5. That shelfing/lighting/growing system is a thing of beauty. Do you have it
    set up in your basement? Is it warm enough? Thanks for sharing.

  6. godd luck wi em man , i plant stuff myself , but i set up aint nothin like

  7. Great plants! Can’t wait to see your garden this year :)

  8. Good stuff Bow. it look’s like you’ll be fine (in time) for summer grow.

  9. I see. Well I never started them by seed. We always brought the seedlings
    and planted them in the ground or in large pots between mid April and the
    begining of May and they did great. Well whatever works, good luck with

  10. Wow… I love your setup Bow! I’m amazed at your pepper plants!

  11. Im telling you Ray I could not figure out what was wrong , the leaves were
    getting huge and curling under , they were so top heavy they were leaning
    over ……as soon as I cut them in half a dramatic turn around occured as
    new shoots emerged and the plant appears to be doing very well…..thanks
    for the advise….!!!

  12. Looks great Bow!!!

  13. Personaly I would not let them sit in the water , this may promote damping
    off where the seedling will just keel over and die , this usually happens
    when the plant is over watered as a seedling , in my opinion its better to
    let the soil dry out a bit between watering , but try not to let them wilt
    between watering …..good luck…!!

  14. Nice Bow I cant wait to see your garden cuz it looks like you are as good
    of a gardener as you are a Chef II 😀 You have a nice starting setup

  15. This all looks good to me.

  16. hows it goin bow ,,im in the uk ,, first year of growing tomatoes in
    greenhouse ,, seedlings i got are around 2inches at the moment along with 4
    cucumber seedlings ,,, temperature in the glass house at the moment has got
    to be in the middle 30s ,, would it harm my seedlings if i stood them in a
    tray of water ,so they could take watever water they wanted with the
    humidity bein what it is ???

  17. nice one , this reminds me i must go and buy some seeds : )

  18. Bow, I love your seed starter light shelves. When you put in the next one,
    could you do a video on how to do it, please? This is just what I was
    looking for!. Your plants look great!

  19. I’ve been growing them all my life. Yes I know seeds have to be started
    inside. I always started with seedlings with certain things like eggplant,
    tomatoes, peppers. Other things I plant by seed directly in the ground,
    like squash, cucumbers, green beans. Their rate of growing is fast. In NY
    you are safe planting everything outside between late April and the
    begining of May, and we always had exelent gardens. Never had anything die.

  20. ack chemical fertilizer? great vid bro love to see your garden grow!

  21. Sorry no offence but I don’t see the point of this. Why not plant the
    seedlings directly outside and make a garden? You sound like you are from
    NY, this is the perfect time of year and weather conditions to start
    seedlings. Or if you don’t want to put them in the ground plant them in
    large pots outside. If you live in Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau, or Suffolk we
    have exelent quality soil and perfect weather for veggies to thrive.

  22. Great shot, Ash, of the roots on those peppers ! Nice new bank of grow
    lights ! My prayer for you is unbelievable Abundance & AND Praying for a
    nice farm for you ! Oh yes ! “Big Mama’s Farm” ! Rock n roll baybee !

  23. Oh my freakin god those pepper plants are going to grow into monsters!
    They’re actually insanly healthy with the thick stems and new buds pushing
    out. I think you’re really goping to like the end results. :) By the way I
    love that shelf lighting system! Totally adjustable and makes total use of
    the light from the tube lights. THAT is fantastic!

  24. Very very nice! Keep on growing!

  25. cheers for that bow, ill use your advice for the tomatoes ,,but the
    cucumber have floureshed ,they went mad ive just put them in there final
    pots ,its the humidity they love so ive heard ,, thanks for your advice
    ,,be good

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