Recipe: A Basic Heirloom Tomato Garden Salsa ‘Brandywines’

Recipe:  A Basic Heirloom Tomato Garden Salsa 'Brandywines'

Any easy to follow recipe. I picked the vegetables from my garden and show you how to make a basic heirloom tomato garden salsa. I used ‘brandywine red’ toma…
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  1. And my basic garden salsa recipe. I grow a whole lot of heirloom tomatoes
    in the summer. Salsa is a great way to use up your produce.

  2. A Basic Garden Salsa

    Nothing beats garden salsa made from what you have in your garden. This
    video shows you how to make a basic salsa that you can tweak with
    ingredients and flavors.


  4. I absolutely did and it was/is delicious. Gave some to a good friend as
    well and she also loved it. Thanks.

  5. Enjoy yourself. Sounds like fun. Don’t forget the real lime versus the
    bottles stuff I had to use. Totally different flavor.

  6. Looks Delicious, think I’ll go make some. Thanks.

  7. Nice! I love seeing people growing and then using that food 😀

  8. Do you cook a lot, or just for the video?

  9. Hmmmmmm

  10. Oh you got me. I dont grow okra. Maybe next year Ill give it a try.

  11. This is a wonderful recipe. I made it as directed in your video with my
    homegrown tomatoes- my family & I LOVED it. This recipe is a keeper. Thank
    you for sharing!

  12. I have been wanting to learn how to make a good salsa. Thanks! In my
    garden, I have all of the same items. For a future recipe video, could you
    do something using okra, please? I love growing it; it is both easy to
    cultivate and beautiful to view.

  13. I’ve been looking around for fresh recipes for a balcony get together. Will
    be sure to make this. Thanks!

  14. Did you have heirlooms to use? If so what kind? I’m glad it worked it.

  15. All the time. I plant on doing a lot of garden vegetable cooking videos
    this year.

  16. yummmmm

  17. WOW, I started laughing so hard because of how delicious it looked when you
    added the cucumbers and the peppers! I’ve never added Cucumbers to my
    salsa, I bet the flavor is awesome after it sits for a while. I’m making
    some soon.

  18. This looks like really good salsa I’m glad you didn’t put it in a blender
    like every one else I like chunky salsa

  19. You mean mmmm.. hmmmm.

  20. Did you ever get to making it? How did it turn out?

  21. Yeah… the cucumbers add a nice crunch and absorb the flavors.

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