Recipe: Oven-Dried Grape Tomatoes, January 2014

Recipe: Oven-Dried Grape Tomatoes, January 2014

This recipe can also be used to dry Roma, Compari, or Cherry tomatoes by adjusting length of time in oven. My next batch will be multicolor heirloom tomatoes.
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Question by AMZO: Substituting canned tomatoes, will it make a difference?
I am making this tonight

I don’t have italian style tomatoes. I just have crushed regular tomatoes. Is this going to make a difference?

I’m already substituting the sausage for turkey sausage to make it healthier.

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Answer by CYNTHIA
A little flavour loss but my guess is no-one will notice.

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  1. OMG thats such a great idea! I’ve never thought of doing this. I always see
    them in the store but they are kind of expensive. Thanks for the great

  2. Oh I love this! I usually get so many tomatoes from my garden and I get sad
    when they get old fast. this is a wonderful idea for all the extra tomato.
    Thank you for share, I can’t wait for the harvest time in summer :)

  3. It shouldn’t make a difference. Just add some italian seasoning or basil and oregano. Good luck.

  4. Yes if you use regular tomatoes instead of Italian then it will make a difference. Just add some Italian spices. then it will be close. It should taste OK. But if you have never made this before how will you know? Use what you have and do not worry about it. Looks like a good dish to me. Simple and filling.

  5. I prefer the regular crushed tomatoes, rather than the Italian style ones. The difference is the seasoning they put in, which is usually oregano and a couple other things. Just add your own dried oregano. A little goes a long way.

  6. You are fine to use regular crushed tomatoes. Italian-style just means that it has italian seasoning, i.e., oregano and basil. I would include a pinch or two of dried basil/oregano at the stage where you stir in the peppers. Rosemary is an excellent substitute here as well.

    Since you are using undrained crushed (rather than chopped) tomatoes, make sure that the final consistency isn’t too runny. You may want to drain 1/3 of the juice from the can of tomatoes before adding. If you have fresh tomatoes, you can add those as well.

    That seems like alot of peppers. You might want to make an entire box of pasta in case it seems like the ratio is off.

  7. If you have Italian seasoning mix add 1 T or marjoram ,basil &oregano,,add 1 t the tomatoes…or 1 T of either .

  8. It won’t make much of a difference if you use the crushed tomatoes. But if you have any Italian seasoning around, throw in a teaspoon of it along with 1/4 teaspoon of onion powder.

  9. I make both those substitutions all the time: turkey sausage and crushed tomatoes. I’ve never had any complaints from my family / friends. At least not since the scalding hot sauce incident.


  10. It will do just fine. Just add some Italian seasoning to the tomatoes.

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