Recipe – Traditional Tomato Soup (19 May 2014)

Recipe - Traditional Tomato Soup (19 May 2014)

We’re heating up winter in the kitchen with Roy’s traditional tomato soup. Like us on Facebook – Follow us on Twi…
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Question by bigbrian: Tomato soup or chicken noodle?

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Answer by G.D. Bush
Chicken noodle

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  1. Chicken noodle

  2. Mmmm i think both are good:P

  3. Tomato, with a lovely grilled cheese sandwich on the side.

  4. Tomato Soup and a grilled cheese please :)

  5. Tomato Soup with a sprinkle or oregano and salt & pepper.. with buttered sliced bread also :) yummmmm

  6. a warm bowl of chicken noodle any time. (=

  7. Chicken noodle soup with a soda on the side.

  8. tomato any day.

  9. Tomato with cracers crushed in it! Yummm

  10. Tomato

  11. Chicken noodle….well not if its home made tomato soup. But canned? Yeah chicken.

  12. Why do you care about other people’s preferences? Way to throw five points down the drain, retard!

  13. Chicken Noodle all the way!
    I’m not a fan of tomatoes.

  14. chicken noodle!!! …mmmmm

  15. chunky beef but i would settle for the chicken noodle

  16. My husband is also Brian and those are both his favorites. I’d rather have vegetable barley.

  17. tomato soup with basil.

  18. they are both good
    i like tomato soup with grilled cheese sandwiches

  19. tomato

  20. Both are good, but will choose chicken noodle.

  21. Chicken Noodle if you’re sick—Tomato with Grilled cheese if its cold out.

  22. Chicken noodle, but not the Campbell’s salty canned stuff. I like home made chicken noodle with carrots and celery. Yummy.

  23. If it’s tomato, then there must be a grilled cheese sammich to dip in it!
    If it’s chicken noodle, then there has to be a ton of saltines smashed up in it…yummy!

  24. chicken noodle

  25. If you are sick, chicken noodle does the trick.
    If you are looking for variety-it’s tomato. You can add toppings (cheese, crackers, oregano, etc.) and it goes with other side dishes

  26. Tomato soup is one of the grosses soups in the world. If it doesn’t have anything like vegetables and meat in it then I won’t eat it. Chicken noodle soup is better but it also gay too.

  27. chicken noodle

  28. Chicken Noodle soup

  29. Since I love tomatoes I would choose tomato soup. But only if it is made with sugar, and milk, NOT water.

  30. Chicken Noodle.

  31. chicken noodle

  32. Eat the chicken noodle, well you know how us black people are, we love chicken.

  33. chicken noodlew

  34. if it is chicken noodle, it better be home made, cooking a real chicken or chicken parts, none of that canned soup or dry mix you add water to.

    pppppaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkk……lol…..kidding….. :)


  35. Un-chicken noodle soup (I’m vegan)

  36. Chicken noodle!

  37. Chicken noodle. It is good for you.

  38. yard bird noodle!

  39. tomato soup with grilled cheese sandwiches
    chicken noodle soup with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

    both are my fav – hard to pick

  40. yes, i have.

  41. Tomato soup with a toasted cheese sandwich. Can’t be beat!!


  42. chicken noodle.
    home made.


  44. Tomato soup

  45. Chicken noodle.

  46. chicken noodle soup for me ,,,

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