Red Beefsteak Heirloom Tomato (29July12)

Red Beefsteak Heirloom Tomato (29July12)

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Question by Carrie Wells: can i pick a cherry tomatoes when they are green?
can i pick cherry tomatoes when they are green, will they turn red????

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Answer by Clarissa
When they are green, that means they are still growing! So they won’t be ripe, and taste the same as a red tomato! Once you pick it, it will not change from green to red!

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  1. I feel your pain brother! The heat, the blight, and the whitefly have been
    horrible this year! They tried to take me down too! I sub’d

  2. Thanks for subscribing! The heat, last year was horrible, this year is
    shaping up to be the same. These beefsteaks simply cannot handle it. Next
    year I’m going to try “Ozark Pink VF”, which is supposed to be more
    heat-tolerant. Stay tuned!

  3. It depends on how far the tomato has developed, but most tomatoes will ripen off of the vine.

    In the fall I bring all the left over green tomatoes indoors before the first frost. When brought into a heated room they ripen in a few days.

  4. Yes you can but they will only rippen properly if they are harvested closer in time to actual ripening, (ie if they start to show a slight tinge of turning red). If you pick them too early they will start withering or rot before turning red.

  5. Even the greenest tomatoes will continue to ripen off the vine but they will not reach the same level of sweetness that vine ripened tomatoes do.

  6. Sure. You can pick anything you want.


  7. if the tomatoe pulls off the vine easy while still green, just make sure to put it in the sun, such as a window seal and let it ripen that way….. dont recommend eating a green tomatoe unless your going to fry it and have you some green fried tomatoes 😉

  8. They will ripen but never be the same as vine ripened. But green cherry tomatoes make darned fine pickles. Pickled green cherry tomatoes are addictive so be careful.

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