Red cabbage and sundried tomato salad with tahini dressing.mp4

Red cabbage and sundried tomato salad with tahini dressing.mp4

A Raw super Salad in under 10 mins presented by Nutritional Therapist Theresa Webb Dip.Nut.mBANT You will need the following ingredients: Red Cabbage, Pea sh…
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Question by : Is it the tomato a fruit?
today at school me and my friends wer at the lunch time and one of my friends she was eating a salad and she was tkaing of the tomatos from et
and i askt what u dont like tomatos and she sed no and i askt why and she sed beacause i dont like fruits ..

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Answer by Sin
Yes. Its a fruit.

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  1. i thought it was a vegetable , but i heard some people call them a fruit also ….

  2. as far as in know yea it is

  3. A tomato contains seeds, so it’s a fruit even though most people eat it as a vegetable.

    Conversely, rhubarb, which people eat in desserts, is a vegetable.

  4. it is a fruit because the seeds are inside the fruit. vegetable have seeds outide

  5. Yes, they’re berries. Generally anything with seeds is a fruit, but specifically fruit is the ripened ova of a plant. Cucumbers and pumpkins are fruits too.

  6. a tomato is the fruit of the plant because, as with apples and oranges it contains the plants seeds.

  7. It is a fruit because:

    It grows above ground,
    It has seeds

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