Red Hot The Prince 2012 Break Dance|1on1 Battle|Top16|Bgirl Tomato vs Bboy Star.S

Red Hot  The Prince 2012 Break Dance|1on1 Battle|Top16|Bgirl Tomato vs Bboy Star.S

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Question by Donna S: Tomatoes the size of blueberries?
Aghh, help me please. My mom gave me a plant that produced tomatoes the size of blueberries. Problem is, my father in law, thought he was doing me a favor by bush hogging and plowing my garden in, taking my beloved plants with him. Anyone know of these plants or ever heard of them? I can’t seem to locate any information on them.

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Answer by Anonymous
Like very small cherry tomatoes?

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  1. Maybe they are sweet million or sweet 100 also called Cherry tomato’s.

  2. are they cherry tomato’s?

  3. The smallest ones I’ve seen are grape tomatoes and they’re not much smaller than cherry tomatoes. They grow in clusters like grapes. Never seen anything as small as blueberries.

  4. all the above suggestion look where ever seeds are sold you may find exactly what you had before

  5. seems like i’ve heard of a jelly bean tomato or something like that. hope that helps, or actually i think the name is like Gardeners delight.

  6. Cherry tomatoes?
    Grape Tomatoes?

  7. There is another one that is smaller & sweeter than cherry tomatoes. They are called grape tomatoes or baby grape tomatoes.
    OR the cerise tomato
    Gold rush currant is only 1/4 inch

    This site has a lot of different types of tomatoes. Some are as small as 1/4 inch. Maybe you can spot yours. This site also sells the seeds.
    I had no idea there were so many.

  8. Can anyone beat 4 tomatoes fitting on a single “dime”? This is the tiniest tomato you’ll ever see. Maybe the blueberry sized tomatoes you seek are called “red currant”. There are a few different varieties of the currant family of tomatoes. Some are even white. Here is a link from Park Seed with a pic for you to checkout. I searched high and low for this one…lol. Good luck!…

    How ’bout a “thimble” full of red currant tomatoes!…

    …$ Billy Ray$

  9. with the size of the tomato that you are asking about I would say it is probably a form of cherry tomato which are bushy and most of the time kind of in clusters they produce quicker and the tomatoes are a little bit sweeter.

  10. there is also a small yellow tomato that’s called a pear tomato( it is shaped like a pear) that is a very sweet tomato. I much prefer them to cherry tomatoes

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