Red Tomato

Red Tomato

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Question by Bobbie S: Am I wasting money planting two types of tomato together?
I planted 1/2 yellow pear tomato – 1/2 Johnson red large tomato seeds in my garden. They all grew to be red large tomatoes – should I expect this again and plant only one type?

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Answer by Denis Mitrowski
I purchased some cucumber seeds that were advertised to be miniature gherkins for pickling. They turned out to be gourds! I bought a lot of them and planted 2 acres worth (They sell for top dollar at my roadside vegetable stand). I was fit to be tied-All that work and money spent to end up with gourds. Well, I know I’m not cheering you up very much,but at least you ended up with something good to eat.

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  1. next year buy only heirloom seeds, they run true to their type and do not intermingle.

  2. You shouldn’t have a problem with growing more than two types of tomatoes in the same garden next to each other…Unless you were sold a mis-printed seed packet stating it differently than what you were really getting.

    I have had the such happen to me before thinking I was getting a packet of yellow squash seeds which the label had read on the packet and instead where it turned out to be that those seeds grew up to be cucumbers.
    Don’t always go by what the label tells you on the packet, especially if the packet was on sale. Your best bet is to buy plants already growing in containers.

  3. The yellow pear tomatoes were mis-marked. It’s impossible for a tomato to produce a different variety of fruit than it is just because it’s growing next to a different tomato.

    I grow 7 or 8 different kinds of tomatoes, right next to each other.

    The mistake happened BEFORE you planted, not after.

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