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Question by RainbowBlues: What is a good formula to dye medium dark hair red with?
I have dark (ish) brown hair naturally, and a while back I put a cherry red temporary dye it it (Turned out as a pretty red tint :D), from those with experience, what’s a good make/range of dyes for dyeing darkish hair a nice red shade? Not tomato soup red, but a dark shiny red? And what shampoo and conditioner are best for keeping it red? (I was thinking of trying herbal essences?)
Sorry, I mean a brand or range of permanent hair dye.

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Answer by Isabelle Klempel
this is what you will need for a bottle of it

1/4cup of honey
1 egg
2 drops of Orange and red food dye (trust me)
1tsp of sugar
6tsp of any shampoo
mix together and rub in hair until soapy then leave in for 15 min.Wash out and in a matter of seconds you will have red hair!

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  1. i have naturally brown hir too. and ive been red for over a year. there are 2 options. ue Redken RV, RR and so red for a permanant red, or Matrix in Red or RV… the problem with red is that it fade quick for the first few times u color it, but if u use matrix, it will always bleed and rub off on white or light clthing

    and dont use HE shampoo, it will strip it still.. go wih redken color extend or bed head

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