Restaurant Recipes How To Make Olive Garden Tomato and Mozzarella Caprese Recipe

Restaurant Recipes How To Make Olive Garden Tomato and Mozzarella Caprese Recipe Most people will agree with me that eating out with family or friends these days would set you back ‘an arm and a leg.’ This i…
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Question by JustBe: Are tomatoes bad for dogs!? tomato sauce?
I’m starting to feed my dog chicken with tomato sauce and The Balancer (a supplement) because he only eats human food..and the VET gave us these recipes as well as the Balancer and all of these recipes have tomato sauce..but now on the internet people say its bad for your dog.

But my vet reccommended these recipes as well as these supplements. Were the people on Y!A just uninformed or are they right?
Merkon but it’s not only my vet; it’s Hilary’s Blend Company/The Balancer, which is a homemade supplement company that is only available through vets.

So many professionals are actually recommending tomato sauce..

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Answer by Merkon

Dogs are not supposed to eat PEOPLE FOOD. Your vet is a quack! Please find another veterinarian for the sake of your dog’s health.

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  1. Yes, because dogs don’t eat vegetables/fruits. Dogs only can eat meats, fish….
    Dogs and humans are different.

  2. Nope. It’s just grapes, and onions that are bad. I can’t recall if garlic is too, but that doesn’t mean you should feed it on a daily basis, or as a food source, just for a snack is fine. And if the sauce contains garlic, grapes or onions, I wouldn’t feed it to it.

  3. the seeds are bad i make homemade tomato sauce for my dogs that way i know what goes into it. oh and of course the leaves and steams are bad to! make sure to get salt free
    EDIT: you should go to and look for the book better food by dogs y david bastin,jennifer ashton and dr.grant nixon d.v.m. it has nutritional info as well as recipes

  4. it is not a necessary food but it’s not bad either.

    the leaves and stems on the other hand are extremely poisones as are potato leaves and stems.

  5. Anybody and any company who is a proponent of a dog’s diet consisting of chicken, tomato sauce, and supplements is indeed a quack.

    Generally, a good dog diet should be balanced on its own and never requires supplements. You only need supplements if the diet itself is inherently imbalanced.

    Oh, and your dog will eat dog food, if forced to. Dogs do not starve themselves. Your dog is simply playing a game of chicken with you and you’re blinking first.

  6. Find a new vet. Yours is a kook out of touch with his colleagues. Get your dog on a dog food. I certainly wouldn’t take his word tomatoes are safe. He must have slept through some classes at vet school. Does he sell the Balancer? I trust nobody’s advice on anything they sell.

    It seems sources vary on tomatoes. The plants may be more of a problem than the fruit. Dogs fed a dog food don’t need tomatoes or anything else added to it.

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