Roasted Garlic Creamy Tomato Soup.wmv

Roasted Garlic Creamy Tomato Soup.wmv

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Question by LoveMyBabies: can i use tomato soup instead of tomato sauce?
I am making beefaroni. Instead of the tomato sauce (i don’t have and can’t get to the store) can i use tomato soup or ketchup??

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Answer by awommack
sound good

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  1. very rich is there a healthier alternative to this soup?

  2. you can add the tomato soup without diluting it with water.

  3. Yes you can. If it is from a tin heat it in a different pan and reduce it to a thicker state, if from a package prepare it again in a different pot add slightly less water and reduce it again.
    Don`t use ketchup, that is completely different

  4. Of course you can, but don’t expect it to taste that great. Tomato soup with a little water would be best and add garlic and some spices!!

  5. But of course. Sometimes the coup actually has better flavor than the sauce anyway! Just don’t dilute the soup, and if it comes already diluted, reduce it in a pot on the stove before adding it!

  6. well yes you can use it for beefaroni
    but just so you no this food is filled with sodium and is unhealthy..

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