San Marzano Marinara Tomato Sauce, Italian Recipe – Gianni’s North Beach

San Marzano Marinara Tomato Sauce, Italian Recipe - Gianni's North Beach

This is the classic Italian marinara sauce. It’s a simple, light, fresh tomato sauce, made from San Marzano tomatoes and fresh basil. You can use this sauce …
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  1. OMG….so delicious!!! thanks Gianni. you are truly a gem!! Mama mia!!!

  2. Nice video Are you originally from Philly?

  3. Gianni did anyone ever tell you that you sound like an Italian John Wayne!
    You do!

  4. so relaxed and easy. I like that comfortable feeling of cooking thanks.

  5. So simple, but yet so genius!

  6. Glad that I came across your YouTube channel. I want to see a video of you
    making fresh flat pasta, and pasta sauces like ragu alla bolognese and ragu
    alla toscana. Pizza bianco, and desserts like gelato. Thankse

  7. Dude can you please get a role in the next mafia movie and say “I don’t
    like you so i’m gna…. ” hahah! You are awesome!

  8. This guy is awesome, his humor and passion for good authentic food is

  9. classy man

  10. About a 50 dollar pasta dish, but it looks good.

  11. Looks amazing… Thanks!

  12. Whey do you have to use all those Italian curse words in your video,
    especially when my daughter is listening to try and learn a recipe?

  13. Like a joint haha 

  14. Love all that you share!! Thank you

  15. Excellent video, F.ood looks very good please send some great recipes a

  16. Gianni, I LOVE this sauce! Its the base for just about everything I prepare
    in my kitchen, thank you so much for posting, you can taste the passion you
    have for good food!! Again, thanks!!

  17. Very similar to Scott Conant’s recipe from Scarpetta. Also the way I do it.
    Love the infused oil. Thanks Gianni!

  18. Great sauce! Love the way you cook.

  19. love you man thanks for the traditional sauce from Italia

  20. Thanks for the wonderful recipe – I’ve got 20 San Marzano plants growing
    and I plan on making a lot of great sauces when they’re ripe (summer’s only
    just starting here in New Zealand) along with my garlic that’s almost ready
    for harvest.

  21. I’m new to making home made pasta and sauces. Is it safe to say I’m
    learning from the best Gianni? ;)

  22. Sembra squisito! Grazie!

  23. Ciao Yvonne. Get the best ingredients you can and you’re half-way to making
    a good dish. Let me know how the sauce turns out for you.

  24. nice vid. whats teh name of teh artist and songat teh beginning?

  25. Almost forgot, i use to be in San Louis Obispo about every week. I’m not a
    Vegan, but all i wanted out there was salad and fruit salad. Love your
    channel, found a Jewel!

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