Screen Of Green Hydroponic Tomato Plant Part 4

Screen Of Green Hydroponic Tomato Plant Part 4

ScrOg Hydroponic Tomato plant cloning and trimming of leaves and reason why.
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Question by Claire Johnson: green hair anyone……………………..?
well hello my dear friends of Y!A so after a recent and decent exposure to my aunt’s lovely swimming pool, I have unfortunately been left with a tinge of green in my otherwise beautiful blonde hair. Any home remedies that could help? I’ve heard about ketchup, tomato soup, and lemon juice. which one of these is the best and are there any others?

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Answer by Red♥
Clairifying shampoo, Chelating(I think it was.) shampoo.

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  1. Hey Bud! sorry I missed this post I use a full spectrum bulb and I use it
    from start to finish. The tomato plant is of heirloom quality called a
    German Johnson and it is a indeterminate plant. So it requires much
    training of the vines. I will be updating a video today so you can see how
    far along it has come within the past week. thanks

  2. Is that an indeterminate tomato plant? And if so, when do you switch to a
    red light spectrum for flowering? Do you continue to use red light as soon
    as it starts flowering?

  3. Yes ketchup is good for when your blonde hair goes green from chlorine, you should try it! Just leave it in your hair for 20 mins everyday and then wash out with shampoo and conditioner.
    Lemon juice only lightens your hair when you put it on (but you go out in the sun too).
    Tomato soup would prob do the same as ketchup but ketchup is better.
    Hope this helps! 😀

  4. I have used tomato ketchup before,it worked because red neutralises green.

  5. I have heard that tomato (soup, sauce) can work, or you can try a good shampoo

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