Simple Fresh Tomato Soup With Croutons

Simple Fresh Tomato Soup With Croutons

Tomato soup is the most popular starter soup. We prepare that you can make and enjoy. You can send in your requests to us for food, health and living. Share …
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Question by J-Dawn: How do you dress up your Campbell’s Tomato Soup?
I love Campbell’s Tomato Soup. The problem is that it gets a little mundane. I’d like to try to dress it up a bit. What are some of the ways you dress it up?
BQ: Do you prefer to make it with milk or water?

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Answer by pennybarr
Top it with your favorite shredded cheese, I like cheddar, american and even crumbled goat cheese.
I also like to add Crumbled Ritz Crackers and leftover pasta or rice.

I usually make it with milk or half water and half milk.

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  1. i love this channel AND i love youuuuu Mrs. Cook :D

  2. For pure indulgence add half a can of milk and 1/2 cup of sour cream.
    Don’t boil because it will curdle. Just simmer till heated.

  3. That’s weird, I love Campbell’s tomato soup ffor its simplicity. I guess all I do is use milk instead of water, and dunk a giant grilled cheese sandwich in there.

  4. When I was a kid, my Mom always used to make the Tomato soup with milk instead of water to make it richer & creamier tasting , then she added elbow macaroni (Creamettes was the favorite) & a pat of butter.
    That^, to this day (50 years later), still seems like “comfort food” when served with a grilled cheese sandwich.

    Of course a dollop of sour cream, and a sprinkling of fresh chopped Cilantro never hurts either!

  5. Made with whole milk, not water & garnished with garlic croutons & a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese!

  6. Make it with water, and to jazz it up put some bazil, parsley and oregano in before cooking, then when its done crush up some saltine crackers drop em in and enjoy!

  7. I wouldn’t use Campbell’s Tomato soup, but when I make tomato soup, I’ve added home made croutons to it. You can also sprinkle a little good quality Gruyere or sharp cheese (just don’t use that processed junk like Cracker Barrel and others like it), or some freshly grated parmesan cheese sprinkled on when serving. You could add some fresh chopped herbs to the soup.

  8. Gotta make it with milk and then dress it up with a pat of butter. Sometimes I’ll put some diced onion in as well.

  9. A couple ideas:

    1. Fresh basil, cut in ribbons, and you can add some mozz or parm cheese if you like. Tomato and basil is a classic flavor pairing. Serve with crostini (sliced and toasted french bread)
    2. Can of Ro-Tel tomatoes and garnish with tortilla chip crumbs, or eat with a slice of cornbread.
    3. You can stretch tomato soup by adding pasta or even a packet of ramen. The sauce for spaghetti-o is essentially tomato soup as far as I can tell.

    I prefer tomato soup made with milk or you can cook it with water, put it in the bowl, and garnish with a swirl of heavy cream, the way the baristas make hearts in the foam of a gourmet coffee.

  10. It’s much richer-tasting if you use milk. One simple thing that I really like is to just throw in a handful of Fritos and stir them in … It’s similar in concept to crumbling up crackers in your soup, but there’s something about the combination of tomato soup and Fritos that is just really-really good. Try it …

  11. I like to add some artichoke.

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