simple tomato gardening !! !!!

simple tomato gardening !! !!!

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Question by A: what heirloom tomato do you recommend?
helo, so i just started taking up gardening as a hobby. could anyone reccommend 1 medium-large heirloom tomato variety for growing in california zone 8b. please just list 1 or 2 max. thanks!

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Answer by Coach Dave

A Brandy Wine and Cherokee Purple are my favorites. They look very interesting as well.

Your local Home Depot will have the perfect kind for your area at whatever time of year is best.

Happy Gardening,
Coach Dave

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  1. ‘Crimson Carmello’ is a good 2-3″ red salad tomato with great tomato flavor. Unlike most heirloom tomatoes, Carmellos have good resistance to Fusarium and Verticilium wilts. If you want a couple hybrid tomatoes that work well in zone 8b, try ‘Jewel Enchantment’ or ‘Sweet Cluster’. I’ve found these taste as good or better than many heirloom tomatoes when grown in a home garden, but they have superior disease resistance and higher productivity.

    For descriptions and photos of these and other tomato varieties, see

  2. I planted Cherokee Purple and Mr. Stripey (a mostly yellow/orange tomato) this year… both turned out great. Way better flavor than most hybrids.

  3. I like Mortgage Lifter and Aunt Rubys’ German Green, myself. Both do well in NW Florida; we are in zone 8, too.

    Good luck and enjoy!

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