Spaghetti Tomato Sauce Napoli -Flavour of Italy-

Spaghetti Tomato Sauce Napoli  -Flavour of Italy-

Master Chef Luca Mazza and Paolo Tullio at the Italian School of Cooking in Dublin PINOCCHIO Restaurant, Luas Kiosk, Ranelagh,…
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  1. Mediterranean Diet UNESCO Heritage

  2. come to enjoy this wonderful spaghetti al pomodoro at Pinocchio Restaurant
    in Ranelagh, Dublin.

  3. Now I’m hungry! Had the great pleasure to visit the school when I worked
    for Nestlé Chilled, I can still taste the fantastic food!

  4. ok

  5. Sorry for the questions…but how long does it take normally for the sauce
    to turn that bright orange? :-)

  6. napoli sauce is a mother sauce of many other pasta sauces? like what?

  7. Grande video , grande chef!

  8. Ok…I have to report how my attempt at this sauce went. Simply put…and I
    am not kidding…this sauce will change your life. I was and continue to be
    stunned at how great it is. I told my wife we are never buying junky store
    bought sauce ever again. You know its good when you are still craving it
    three days after finishing the leftovers. We need more videos from this

  9. great video well done

  10. working hard to build a tastier World!

  11. Question….how big was that can of tomato’s? It looked like a 32 oz.

  12. Also, how much garlic did he use? I want to make this at home!! :-) Love
    the video

  13. Great work amico. Love the quality of the video as well!

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