Spaghetti with Tomato and Ricotto Sauce

Spaghetti with Tomato and Ricotto Sauce

Catherine shows us a simple recipe which is the pefect addition to the most famous of all Italian pastas: spaghetti. Spaghetti with Tomato and Ricotta Sauce …
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Question by Claudio G: pasta and pasta?
hi i’m from italy and i would like to know what kind of pasta do you like to eat,i mean with tomatoes , meat ,cheese and …..
tell me your favourite sauce for a perfect dish of pasta

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Answer by XxGGxX
plain pasata and tuna. yummm. or tomatoes and spicy sausage

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  1. u need to sharpen ur knife or get new one and adn get a knife

  2. this woman annoys me but i like the recepes

  3. Great recipe, thank you. Pleasant voice.

  4. Delicious!! Thx for the post.

  5. i like red sauce and white sauces. i am not picky about any italian dish because i love all that i have tried.

  6. spaghetti with pesto, or mini shells for pasta salad (they catch all the good stuff and hide inside the pasta)

  7. Gnocchi.

  8. I love penne. And tomato sauces made with wine. And pesto – pesto is sooooo good!

  9. i like eggplant parmigiano with spaghetti and marinara =]

  10. I love all pasta..spaghetti, linguine, penne, ravioli, lasagna, but for sure it always has to be with a slightly sweet marinara sauce: )
    oh ..and crusty garlic bread

  11. I like penne and tunata sauce, linguini with alfredo or pesto, and shells for pasta salad (with mayo base and crunchy veggies).

  12. i love pasta. i am a vegetarian (not vegan) so this is a great way to keep a variation. i like the bow ties with a spicy marinara, broccoli and mozzarella cheese!

    i also like to make my spaghetti with pineapple slices.

  13. Simply tossed with some olive oil or butter and some garlic salt.

  14. I love anything with tomatoes in it. My father is Italian and I grew up with pasta almost every night. I prefer tomato based sauces and I really like chicken cacciatore.

  15. My favorite pasta is farfalle (bowties) with a simple mix of shredded pecorino-romano, parmigiano-reggiano, and maybe some other cheeses. Delicious. I also love making béchamel sauces and adding cheese there for the more creamy bowl of pasta. I also I might add vegetables, spices, anything that would taste delicious.

  16. anything tomato and garlic

  17. i can have any kind of pasta any time of the day anywhere ……. but my 2 year old son likes his with tomato sauce with lots garlic and …er ….. chopped capsicum ! plz dont ask me why this combination …. but he loves it !! lol

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