Spring Flower & Vegetable Care : Tomato Growing Secrets

Spring Flower & Vegetable Care : Tomato Growing Secrets

You can employ certain expert secrets to make sure your tomato plants grow as successfully as possible. Learn tomato growing secrets with help from a landsca…
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Question by bob123: My tomatoes grew really fast?
I have some tomatoes and the package said that they take 7-10 days to germinate, but it only took 3 days. So, with this how long will it take for my first harvest?

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Answer by olivia99
7 days

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  1. Just because they germinated very fast dosen’t mean that the fruits will grow at an accelerated rate. If the package says you’ll have tomatoes in about 60 days after planting (or whatever depending on the variety) that is still an accurate estimate.

  2. you had them in a warm place that will make them germinate faster if the package says 80 days it will still be 80 days

  3. Most tomatoes take 60 to 90 days depending on soil, and weather conditions. The seed package should give you some idea on
    what to expect.

  4. Yes its true that it will take near about 60 -90 days that’s depend on environmental conditions where you living. And that is not must if your tomatoes germinate early that means harvest cycle will also grow in that way. So keep closely monitored you tomatoes and supply water, sunlight and nutrition which is must for grow well….

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