Starting My Planting Season

Starting My Planting Season

I had some seeds on hand, some that I saved from the fruit, and others that I used for seasonings, so I decided to plant some of them. Coriander, cardamom, t…
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Question by Ezell Propert: When to start planting tomatoes outdoors?
I live in Easley South Carolina. I want to start growing tomato plants with a friend. When should I start?

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Answer by Texperson
After your last freeze date. Usually early April in the southern US.

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  1. Tomatoes, like all summer vegetables, should not be planted until all danger of frost is past, the soil is warming up, and nighttime temperatures are rising. You can check with your local agricultural extension service to find out the last frost date for your area.

    Click on your state on this map, and then on your county or region from the state ag extension web site:

  2. Tomatoes are perfect for planting in the summer. If you’re growing them from seeds you can start them in April. Go to…

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