Starting Up Hydroponic Dutch Bucket Tomatoes

Starting Up Hydroponic Dutch Bucket Tomatoes

I’m planting tomatoes in a hydroponic dutch bucket system and giving a brief explanation of how it all works. This is Bobby’s greenhouse (mhpgardener). If yo…
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  1. I like the whole idea but is it expensive to start up? Likely everything in
    the video was long paid for but is the initial cost pricey?
    So great how things have worked out for you… <3

  2. Susan and Bobby: I learned more about Hydroponic gardening in 4:41 minutes
    than I knew. I know it works because I have seen and tasted Bobby’s
    results. I amazes me to see the results he has achieved using this system.
    The results shows that doing your homework, taking care of your
    transplants, and paying attention to the small details really matters. Very
    good video! Bernard

  3. I have watched every Dutch bucket video by +mhpgardener But I have to tell
    ya, this one answers every step of the process perfectly. I think it needed
    a lady who gets right to the point! Very well put together!! Take notes
    bobby! :)

  4. Very good video and explanation, Susan. I hope Bobby does as well when he
    does *his* video on cooking or putting food by. LOL

  5. Did the tomato you planted come out of the pot with potting mix on it and
    if so did you need to wash it off 1st?

  6. This was very helpful….=) Thank you !

  7. So I’m guessing the reservoir temps (hi temps) haven’t been an issue.
    Bobby and I had been concerned when the dutch bucket process began. I was
    surprised to see dirt was used for the seedling and not rinsed off when
    placing into the buckets. I was afraid with my higher res temps that the
    dirt would contribute to bacterial growth in the water, guess not. Great

  8. Susan, you did an amazing job at explaining this! Thanks so much for
    making this so easy to understand.

  9. That was a really good overview. Thanks for the review!

  10. I am very impressed with this system.

  11. Thank you for explaining this,,,someday I may be in a position to try
    hydroponics, I live in city (they don’t allow greenhouses) in a short
    growing season-we plant the end of May & harvest at the end of August-here
    in southern Alberta, canada

  12. Absolutely ingenious. 

  13. It’s quite fascinating watching you do this. I always though hydroponics
    was complicated and maybe it’s just the way you and Bobby are doing it but
    it looks rather easy! Certainly not any more complicated than trying to
    grow maters in containers outside anyway. 

  14. Great video. Always wondered about his setup. Amazing!

  15. What an excellent overview! Well done!

  16. good work. 

  17. Yep, Bobby said you would do a good job with the explanation. Superb! But
    it looks as if your arms morphed into a man’s arms complete with hair at
    the end there. 

  18. Thank you very much and yes this will most def help.

  19. You are good at talking on camera Susan and your voice is nice and clear.
    I love how this system works, so thanks for sharing this vid.

  20. Tomato plants look great! Thanks for sharing the process!

  21. Check out this video on YouTube:

  22. Nice to have a refresher from your point of view. Thanks!

  23. Susan my friend it is good to see you and Bobby working together ! Great
    information on the Dutch bucket system ! Thank you for sharing ! 

  24. Did the fertilizer get changed from previous videos? Or is it still the
    formula from his fertilizer video of the 3 components? Had emailed asking
    where he found the best price on the paint strainers, lowes is expensive as
    heck. Perlite is not available in the big bags around here anywhere, they
    can special order it but are gouging people $20 a bag this year. Morgan
    County is around $12 a bag, but 3 1/2 hr drive for me. Same goes for
    hydroton, so may be limited to gravel this year against my better

  25. Thank you! A couple quick questions, was the tomatoe planted in dirt
    originally? It looked like it was in dirt in the cup mixed with perlite
    Also, what kind of pump, or name is that? So many have limits of how high
    it can pump water etc, but that pump does ALOT of pumping, could you tell
    us what kind it is or the horse power or what ever they list water pumps
    Thank you again!!

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