Super Sweet 100 Tomato (19July12)

Super Sweet 100 Tomato (19July12)

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Question by Koakuma: Is tomato soup with unsalted soda crackers healthy?
I want to limit the calories I take in per day and avoid eating too much sweets so I resorted to eating tomato soup with unsalted soda crackers 3 times a day.

Is this healthy or are soda crackers going to make my thighs fats?

Is this too salty of a meal? I also make sure to drink at least 4-5 water bottles a day.

Or is what I’m going not going to harm me?

By the way, it’s the instant soup packages that you just add boiled water to. Not home made soup.

Thanks for your input!

Best answer:

Answer by David
Most store bought tomato soup is loaded with sodium. So unless you make the soup yourself, it’s not very healthy.

If you want to eat healthy, prepare your own food. It’s a lot more work, but at least you know it wont be loaded with cornsyrup, sodium, fat, preservatives, etc.

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  1. So the SSweet’s 100 don’t like heat right?

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