Super Sweet 100 Tomato (24June12)

Super Sweet 100 Tomato (24June12)

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Question by Jennnah: Sweet 16 ideas?
i’m throwing a sweet 16 and i need ideas.
like for food decorations music themes?
what should i wear?
i have a budget, i’m not made of money.
i want to satify everyone and i was thinking like rap,hip-hop, techno music stuff because that’s easier to dance to. i really want a theme like mardi gras or like hawaiian. I also want a slush machine. i’m just so lost.

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Answer by Madison T
you should do like a carnival
get a jumper and set up different booths with food and games
maybe some fireworks and exotic animals
a fun house
wear anything its your day
hope i helped

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  1. Hey there. When are u gonna make the next watermelon update??? I really
    want to see how they turned out.

  2. I update all my videos at the same time. The best way to follow them, is to
    go to my blog, which is linked in the description. There is a page for each
    type of plant, including watermelons.

  3. Ask your friends or their ideas. Maybe for a theme you can do beach r pajama theme.You could have aparty i a hall or restaurant.

  4. it depends, what kinds of things do you like?

  5. well… monkeys are a barrel of fun… (no pun intended)

  6. what is your budget

  7. u should so do a hawaiian party. MAKE IT TROPICAL U COULD MAYBE HAVE IT AT THE BEACH AND HAVE THIS WHOLE .UR THE ISLand princess thing.and have tropical fruit chicken anything simple but tastes so good in ur tummy.and u should anything ur comfortable in like a dress or a hula skirt with a coconut bra.4 music themes i think u should go hip hop or maybe a mixture of all different kinds of music. and have completion’s like limbo, crack a coconut, best hula dancer,best swimmer,or coconut pie eating contest. and 4 the decorations it should so be natural and serene. just put a little hibiscus flowers everywhere and the beach will do the rest. and 4 invitations u should do a message in a bottle would be way cool.

  8. Music: Ask all the friends you are inviting to submit songs for your party to dance to. That is what we did. My daughter just asked her friends on myspace and that way she had songs for everyones taste. Make sure your DJ has a lighting system and a microphone.

    Taco Dip:
    2 softened cream cheese.
    1 16oz sour cream
    1 packet taco seasoning.

    Mix with mixer. Put in bottom of a cookie sheet. Top with shredded cheese, shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes and green onions. Use the cheese but you can altered the rest to your taste, maybe add black olives. Make 2 of these. Serve with tostitos scoops.

    6 cups Crispix cereal
    1/2 cup peanut butter
    1/2 cup butter
    12 ounce chocolate chips
    2 cups powdered sugar

    Melt peanut butter, butter and chocolate chips together in the microwave or on the stove. Stir into cereal. Put powdered sugar in a paper sack. Put cereal mixture in and shake until well coated.

    Silver Dollar Sandwiches:
    These are silver dollar rolls made by your bakery in the grocery store. We have them in our store just ready to grab, for large orders call ahead for some. Anyway they are perfect for parties, hand size, neat. You buy shaved ham, beef and turkey. You put lettuce on if you want and some cut cheese into triagles and put on. Also put real butter on on side of the bun inside of course. And have mustard and mayo packets on ice in case anyone wants that.

    Fruit Kabobs. Put chunks of fresh pineapple, strawberries, whole seedless grapes, and any fruit you want on a wooden skewer. Looks nice and easy to eat.

    The above foods (except the puppy chow) were catered at our sweet 16 and went over great. I would have made them myself but we had to use the caterer for the hall. I have made these however myself for many other parties. The puppy chow is a recipe all kids just love and I have to make this every other week for my daughter and her friends.

    What you should wear: Semi-formal for guests and you wear formal but after an hour or so change into a little cute cocktail dress or something to match your theme.. That is what my daughter did.

    Mardi gra or Hawaiin as you said.

    Movie Night /Hollywood theme (attire could be dress like a movie character or semi-formal black/white for guests and you steal the show in a red formal gown). We did this theme. Used the red carpet from oriental trading for the grand entrance. On the invites said Sixteen Candles, Starring your name, Red Carpet Event, the address info and then semi-formal affair.

    For Movie Night cheap decoration kit and extra movie items:

    Hollywood decorations:



    These 2 sites have big sets but I bought some smaller items that made my dance hall look great added to my decorations. Stumps prom and Anderson prom.

    If you do the hawaiin theme, oriental trading has invitation in the bottle that is really unique and cute.

    If you do Hollywood or Movie night. Handykane a cute single Movie ticket that says admit one on one side and the part info on the other side, at 1 buck a piece. We orderede these and you get it already stuffed with return address. Very professional company too.

    Favors: For hollywood we used sunglasses, metallic beads, and directors clapboard keychain from oriental trading.

    Other favors: glow items, get a sweet 16 lollipop mold and melt pink chips and make super cheap and easy lollipops (we did this). Melt in microwave, set stick on mold, spoon pink ch ocolate on, freeze for 10 minutes, put in lolly bag.

    Ours was from 6:30-10. Kids just danced, mingled, ate, danced, etc. No games needed.

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