The Best Tomato Basil sauce ever

The Best Tomato Basil sauce ever

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Question by smile: Weight Watchers Recipe Points
I am making this recipe tonight and don’t know exactly how many servings it will make. I’ve made it before but didn’t measure it out since I wasn’t counting points then. Please tell me how many points in the entire recipe and I’ll figure out later how many servings and divide accordingly. Thanks!!!

Chili Beef Tacos

¾ cup chili powder
3 tsp. ground cumin
2 Tbsp. olive oil
1 large onion
12 medium garlic cloves
4 lbs. ground beef
48 oz. can tomato sauce
48 oz. can kidney beans

Toast chili powder and cumin in a medium skillet over medium heat until fragrant, about 30 seconds. Add oil to skillet and heat; add onions and cook until tender, about 3 minutes. Add garlic and cook until fragrant, about 3 minutes. Add beef and cook until cooked through. Drain grease. Add tomato sauce and beans; cook 5 minutes more until heated through.

Actually, I found this on the WW website and it shows 6 points with sour cream and taco shells. But I’d like to know how many points just for the meat mixture. Thanks!!!
Oh yeah, BTW, I’m feeding 2 adults, 3 teenagers and 2 children. I’ve also increased the original ingredients and want to make sure everything is still the same with the changes I’ve made. Maybe we’ll even have leftovers!!!Thanks again!!!

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Answer by suzyd
sounds yummo,, you sure this is wt watchers,,, well you have 4lbs beef,,,,, so depending on who is eating man w big ap,,, you should be able to strech this12 people… salad on side,, i hope it works out for ya,,,,,

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  1. 24 dollars is a joke, how can people be so stupid!

  2. lol..i just made it and i didn’t pay the 25 :)

  3. 24 dollars is cheap. You are paying for more then the food at a restaurant
    its about the experience and the convenience. Yes you can make this for
    under 5 bucks probably..but that’s just it YOU made it. THIS is MADE by
    professionals and you do zero cooking zero cleanup. If you cant justify 24
    dollars for probably the best tomato basil you’ve ever had then you should
    just stick to home cooking.

  4. P.S. for everyone bitching about the use of butter in the sauce as finish.
    Just know that he is an “italian american.” this isn’t italy, its NYC,

  5. “perfectly al dente.” Funny, its a culinary fact that fresh pasta cannot
    be made al dente..

  6. His clientele include food snobs who never cooked in their lives and are
    willing to pay $24 for peasant food. There is a big market for that in

  7. @usergently: You ever make pasta and marinara from raw ingredients? Fresh
    tomatoes, semolina flower and eggs? Yeah, how about “fuck you.” It’s a
    process that takes hours of labor to do. Not to mention that he’s probably
    using farm organic plumb tomatoes. Go eat your ragu from walmart…

  8. OK, I tried making this recipe, and I did it exactly the same as Scott. and
    the dish was indeed great but i would never, ever pay 24 bucks for this,
    well, maybe if Scott made it himself for me and then sat on my lap and
    spoon fed it to me, but other than that, I would never pay that much for

  9. I’ve made this recipe several times and it is a very special dish. The way
    you infuse the oil rather than adding the ingredients directly, gives it a
    beautiful clean look and smooth texture. Really it will blow your mind how
    great simple pasta can taste.

  10. im not paying that much for that shiitttt

  11. @Galactic123: That’s a strong statement without support. I happen to have a
    good idea of the cost associated with this dish and the labor associated is
    alone worth it.

  12. No it is not worth avery penny. I make a better sauce with my own recipe.
    Thank You. (overpriced food, plain robbery)

  13. meanwhile in Africa!

  14. never pay 24 bucks for a spoonful of pasta…NEVER!

  15. yes, the price is ridiculous and yes, butter in this dish is a no-go! but
    after all, this helped me a lot with my pasta cooking, you can make it
    really easily at home for a few bucks only and the flavour is amazing.

  16. If that’s how you approach food, something you eat on average three times
    every day of your life, I feel really bad for you. Why shouldn’t it be
    enjoyed as much as possible?

  17. Scott Conant is so handsome!

  18. Once you’ve eaten genuinely good food, you’re at extremes: you’ll either
    make it yourself for $10 or you’ll pay $40 at a real restaurant for it.

  19. whaaat?? butter?? none italian sane use it!!! tomato sauce should be a
    fresh sauce, to eat in the summer on your balcony… and shouldn’t contains
    fat like butter… only extra virgin oil… pfff 24 dollars for a bullshits

  20. not that I agree with the $24 price tag, but it’s really no different than
    paying the $12 at olive garden. $24 for handmade, fresh pasta and sauce, or
    $12 for dried pasta and sauce from a plastic bag. Anyway you slice it, when
    it comes down to it, your paying a high price for basically flour, water,
    tomatoes. Want it good and cheap? Make it yourself!

  21. What is the name of the show ?

  22. all it means is cook it for maybe 40 min at the most not hours and hours
    like grandmas tomato sauce

  23. LOL @when he whispers to the tomatoes hahahaha the recipe is great, of
    course not the same but nice that it’s shared :)

  24. “you have to cook the tomatoes really gently” as scoot smashes them with a
    potato masher

  25. 2 ounces of ground beef is 2 points. You have 4 lbs. so it’s 4×16 which is 64 points. 1 cup of kidney beans is 2 points. A taco salad without the shell is 9. Hope this helps.

  26. Ok, the original recipe on the website would have been 13POINTS for the entire meat mixture , divided by the 4 servings, each serving would have been about 3.25POINTS per serving.

    8oz. beef=7points
    1c. tomato sauce=1point
    1c. kidney beans=3points
    1tsp. olive oil=1point

    Your recipe would be 99POINTS for the ENTIRE recipe. Don’t freak out. Just divide that by how many servings you expect to get out of it. For example, if you were going to make 30 servings out of it, each serving would be 3.3POINTS per serving.

    Chili Powder= 0 points
    Ground Cumin=0 points
    6tsp. olive oil=7 points
    Onion=0 points
    Garlic Cloves= 0 points
    64oz. uncooked lean ground beef 7%fat=57points
    6cups Canned tomato sauce=8.5points
    6cups Canned Kidney beans=24.5points

    I hope that helps you out some.

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