The Duo Dishes – Tomato and Red Pepper Jam

The Duo Dishes - Tomato and Red Pepper Jam

This month’s Ethnic Exploration took us to Canada! We made a French-Canadian tourtiere, which is a spiced meat pie typically eaten around Christmas. What bet…
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Question by John: Do tomatoes have sugar?
Do they?

Best answer:

Answer by Susan C
They contain carbohydrates which is sugar

so yes

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  1. yes. a tomato is technically a fruit. all fruits have sucrose/fructose.

  2. I’m not for sure if they have sugar but they definitely have acid in them. Not good for someone with acid reflux problems in their stomach.

  3. in a way yes, and in a way no. They have a high concentration of citric acid which technically quallifies them as a fruit. Therefore given to the assumtion of sweetness. But therein lies the question as to which of the intensity is the “sweetness”. Different breeds and types of tomatos have varying levels of taste. Ranging from a robust sweet taste, to a intense bitter taste.

  4. I would say they have natural sugars. The longer a tomato is on the vine the sweeter it gets. That is why store tomatoes taste so boring, they are picked too early before the sugars develop.

  5. In general, fresh ripe tomatoes are about 2.5% sugar by weight. The perception of the tomato is biased by the amount of acid present…. the more acid, the less sweet the taste.

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