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Question by jimmie_k: Can yellow tomatoes be substituted for red ones?
I have my grandmother’s recipe for yummy chili sauce. I have an abundance of yellow tomatoes this year. Is it okay to use them instead of red ones?

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Answer by Robert S
Of course; the original tomatoes were yellow “Pomma Doro”.
Use red & green peppers with them for colour contrast.

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  1. Go for it! Yellow tomatoes are much less acidic so you may have to add more vinegar. Test taste as you go.

  2. yes, they have a slightly different flavor. a little less acidic

  3. I don’t see why you can’t, it will still taste the same.

    let us know how it turns out ok….i bet it will taste really good!

  4. Yes, you can. I substitute items all the time when I can’t find what I need or it is out of season. You might have a slightly different taste going on but it should be fine. How do you think new recipes are created?

  5. Yes. Yellow are lower in acid.

  6. Of course. The color will be different bust the taste will still be good.

  7. Yes they sound yummy.

  8. I am growing both red and yellow tomatoes this year, and have more yellow ( a lot more) than red so I have been substituting them for sauces and salsas. They work fine, they taste great, but some of the recipes come out with a funny color to them. Other than that no problems.

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