The Tomato Juice

The Tomato Juice

Kyle, the one drinking it, was dared by Brian, the one holding the dollar, to drink half a cup of tomato juice for a dollar. Lets just say Kyle never got the…
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Question by ???????: Which is more rare? A vampire who prefers tomato juice instead of plasma or a steak that’s abour 60% cooked?

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Answer by LatinoHeat™
I’ll take the vampire who prefers tomato juice over plasma for $ 1000 Alex.

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  1. I’ll take the steak. I like mine medium rare.
    Make sure the the baked potato is done with good real butter.
    The salad is crisp and fresh.
    A good cold glass of sweet tea.

    Dang a vampire.

  2. I like

  3. stake…..60%cooked…tender and bloody… be it

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