Thinning bottom of tomato plants

Thinning bottom of tomato plants

Our tomatoes were having a hard time ripening and the plants had stopped growing. So to help relieve stress from the plants we thinned the bottom of the toma…
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Question by Candy: Why do my tomato plant’s flowers break off?
The flowers on my tomato plants keep breaking off, but they didn’t used to. As you know, if the flowers don’t grow, neither will the tomatos. What is causing them to break, and how can I fix it? Please help! I don’t want to end up tomatoless!

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Answer by pilgram92003
I’m hoping someone can answer this as I’m having the same problem.

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  1. I don’t know why they fall, maybe it’s the weather that’s preventing them from setting. Get,” Get Set” sold at nursery’s and Home Improvement Stores. A spray on item, made to help tomatoes set their blooms.Works too! Bye Wow people! Get,”GET SET”!

  2. Tomatoes need to be VERY HOT !! Their leaves do not like to be wet, so they must always be watered from the bottom. Building or, buying a small greenhouse, even a plastic one, would be the best place to grow them and put it up against a south facing wall. HEAT ! And lots of it ! Is the main “secret” to growing healthy, happy tomatoes !

  3. Flowering for tomatoes requires a good amount of phosphorus in the soil. When they are blooming, temperature changes can cause tomatoes to drop their blooms. Use a calcium spray especially for tomato blooms, this will aid in fruit set and stop that dreaded blossom end rot. In addition to the spray, begin using a fertilizer high in potassium after the flowers begin to show little fruit. Protect plant during cold windy days with a towel or a fabric designed to shield plants from the elements during the cold. A paintbrush similar in size to a Q-tip, pushed in and out lightly to each blossom will pollinate as well as any insect. Tomatoes have both male and female sexual parts within each flower.

  4. Has it been wetter than normal?? Blossom end rot is common when there has been lots of rain and your tomatoes are blooming. Stress can also cause flower drop. Are they chlorotic? Need more fertilizer? Need more info :)

  5. We noticed if we watered them too much the flowers would fall off.
    Ease up on watering and let them dry out before watering. We tried that bloom hold too, but it didn’t work that well.

  6. Every one wants to dump chemicals on the plants….products like “Get Set” and “more Set”.(or any other “SET” for that matter)all will aid in but not cure flower drop…..

    The 2 most common causes of flower drop in tomatoes are high heat(over 100 deg in day….over 70 deg at night)…and get this…..OVER fertilization!….(uneven soil moisture can also make these issues worse)

    There is really no need to use heavy fertilizers with tomatoes(unless you massively sandy soil…..and then you should add compost to make the soil better)….too much Nitrogen will make flowers drop….the plant sees it is getting a ton of nitrogen and thinks it should keep growing instead of producing flowers(thus making fruit which bring new plants,,,,that is a plants reason for fruiting)

    All you really need for tomatoes is some seaweed extract and some fish fertilizer apply one one week one the next….this will give the plant all it needs…..stay away from products like Miracle bloom (or anything blue in color for that matter…they all suck in the long run)….also never plant tomatoes in the same soil in back to back years(nor potatoes….same family)….also the best thing you can do is to plant Hairy Vetch in the beds(in fall) where you will grow tomatoes the next year…in spring the day before you plant tomatoes just weed eat it down(and leave it where it falls on ground) and plant tomatoes right in it!

    You will thank me !

  7. Sounds like you may be over watering. Are any of the leaves turning yellow – sure sign of over watering. Are your plants getting leggy with lots of suckers (alot of new stem growth near the bottom of the plant). You need to keep all the small new growth at bottom of stem pinched off. If you have alot of new growth your plant uses its energy for the new growth – not for producing fruit.
    Someone mentioned that you need to water your tomatoes at ground level. This is true. A soaker hose works best for your plants. Getting leaves wet may burn your plant.

    Good Luck!

  8. I like the answer given by REDMEAT. I had the exact same problem. In fact, i had a question about it myself. It has to do with too much NITROGEN. i put way too much fertilizer in my soil. Although, i had very very very sandy soil, i included, Miracle Gro, Steer Manuer, Chicken Maneur, and some others. I realize now it was a mistake. I have plants that are about 3 ft tall, numerous flowers, but they all dropped. Too much Nitrogen. I dug some trenches around my tomato plants and watered in the trenches only. Every 5 days. Now i have some actual tomatos growing.

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