Time-lapse of Giant Tomato Plant growing up the Sears/Willis Tower

Time-lapse of Giant Tomato Plant growing up the Sears/Willis Tower

Time-lapse photography of vines, tomatoes and tomato cans growing on Sears/Willis Tower in Chicago.
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Question by nathan p: what type of light bulbs do i need to grow tomato plants inside?
i know nothing at all about growing anything i don’t know about lights either so tell me the exact things i need one of my friends said rap a big box in aluminum foil and grow them up side down but i don’t know so some one give me some advise 10 points to good answer

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Answer by David C
Gro Lights are available in incandescent bulbsor flourescent tubes. Available at any home improvement store or Wal-Mart/Department store

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  1. tomatoes don’t climb!!!!

  2. WTF is with this? they did this on the IDS tower too! this is retarded

  3. What an idiot idea… I LOVE IT. :))) Congratulation! :)

  4. Most important you just remember that tomatoes need adequate spacing to grow well. Also tomato receives closely monitored supply of nutrition and water. As for grow light, you use Fluorescent lights and you just need to mount the lights in correct way so plants get enough light.

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