Tiny Cherry Tomato

Tiny Cherry Tomato

Very tiny Cherry tomato next to a normal cherry tomatoeand a regular tomato.
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Question by grumpette42: gardening:im growing tomatoes from seed and there growing well but there still small.?
do you think ill get tomatoes off them this year or will i have 2 cheat and buy a bigger 1.

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Answer by Amy R
You may get tomatoes, but the tomatoes themselves will be small. It is very difficult to grow large tomatoes of the sort you get in the grocery store. It’s no coincidence that the large tomatoes in the grocery store don’t taste as good as the small cherry tomatoes: they aren’t intended to grow that large!

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  3. cool!my tomato plant had many white flies(i think so) on it and it has
    flower already but i had to cut it off but some stayed and i found some on
    my bonsai…!!!!!

  4. Depends on where you live. In the north, it’s still plenty early.

  5. i think they will be small if you get any. to have good tomatoes it is best to buy plants than seeds. seeds take a long time to grow and usually the season has ended by the time they are ready to produce nice tomatoes.

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