Tom Richard A -Tomato yellow red with horn

Tom Richard A -Tomato yellow red with horn

Tom Richard A -Tomato yellow red with horn.
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Question by vickie83063: I’m looking for a cucumber salad that has red onion, tomato, and Italian dressing in it?

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Answer by Smarty Pants
I have one right here, but I’m gonna eat it all by myself! Sorry, but I am really hungry!

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  1. Was that one yours???
    It was just sitting there and I was awfully hungry….
    I’m sorry.

  2. that is it, cut veggies and add dressing

  3. cut it all up and toss with italian dressing. my choice is the italian packets that you add the v&o. good seasons

  4. we make ours with a thinly sliced english cucumber (no seeds) – but you can cut it thicker if you like. Next about 1/2 of a red onion, and roma tomatoes. Optional ingredients include celery, fresh baby peas, green onion, and sweet pepper to your taste.

    If you want you can make your own italian dressing, but so many commercial brands are wonderful (I like Neumans). A little salt and pepper and let it sit overnight before serving (in the refrigerator). The extra sitting time “marinads” the veggies

  5. try I think they have a section where you can enter your ingredients and it will give you the recipes with the ingredients you entered

  6. You’re looking for a salad like that? Why don’t you just go out and buy all the ingredients you just listed, chop them up, add them together, and then eat them? Voila! You just found the salad you were looking for.

  7. All those ingredients you just mentioned and you can add cut up mozzarella cheese or feta

  8. my dad makes it with onion tomato celery yellow and red bell peppers and thin sliced zucchini and the Italian dressing

  9. That’s it. But I also add feta cheese.

  10. The fun part about cooking (other than the eating, that is) is that you are the one in control. Unless you’re baking, you can do what you want. You don’t really need a recipe, just a starting point. (Baking is way too much like chemistry to just “wing it.”)

    Take a big bowl, toss in your onions, tomatoes, cucumbers and whatever else floats your boat. Add your dressing, italian or whatever, and toss it. Experiment!! That’s where the fun is. Happy cooking :)

  11. Use your choice of green salad leaves (like rocket lettuce, mesclun, romaine hearts…) with some diced tomato and sliced onions…

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