Tomato and Pepper starts 2013

Tomato and Pepper starts 2013

Starting the 2013 growing season! It will not be long before the April showers come and bring all the green and happiness back! Visit us at: http://sulfur-ci…
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Question by tina d: when will my tomatoes start to turn red?
The plants are fully mature and there are alot of green tomatoes on the vines, but so far, none are red. anyone know?

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Answer by Live Better w/Lynne
I had the same thing happen last year & someone told me they weren’t turning because of something that had to do with global change or the environment. You might want to put your question in that area to see if anyone can explain what is going on. I used to plaint tomatoes years ago & they were red by now. I live in Maryland.

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  1. That is not including the seeds that Clint is sending. There will be a few
    more I am sure. But I agree, you can never have too many. :)

  2. Awesome variety , Would love to be able to get some of those at the market
    around here . Sad not enough room but for a handful here & trying the
    Cherokee Purple this year for the first time ever.

  3. 720 plants love to hear that never can have to many :)

  4. Incredible variety. Hope you get good “farming weather” this year. Looks
    like a really good start.

  5. They will. In a matter of weeks. I’ve only had 2-3 ripe ones myself. You have time yet, but usually by mid August the are ready.

  6. keep um in sun put in windowe cill

  7. Depends on the variety, but they should turn soon.

    Here’s more information:

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