Tomato Base Meat Sauce Pasta Recipe – EASY, SIMPLE & QUICK!!!

Tomato Base Meat Sauce Pasta Recipe - EASY, SIMPLE & QUICK!!!

I created this recipe on my own and am in no way advertising any products shown in this DIY video. Experiment with this, leave your comments below and let me…
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Question by anonymous: Should I use sun-dried tomatoes with or without the oil?
I want to make sun-dried tomato cream cheese for bagels, but I am not sure whether tomatoes packed in oil will give, or take away.
I want to use just the tomatoes, cream cheese, and garlic.

p.s. I am trying to mimic ‘time for a bagel’ in new jersey, their sun-dried tomato cream cheese, if anyone happens to know this place =)

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Answer by Alyson M
I’ve been using sundried tomatoes in pasta salad for a long time, and I’ve alternated oil-packed and dry-packed and really don’t taste any difference. However if you’re mixing them with cream cheese the oil may cause it to separate (YUCK).

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  1. Hi everyone! Just posted something a little different – I hate cooking but
    I made a DIY on sauce, check it out!

  2. take the tomatoes out of the jar and rest them on top of a paper towel if you leave the oil it will not be of good company with the cream cheese .

  3. I would get the sun-dried tomatoes without the oil since they should mix in better. Check on the back on the package before you buy them, some brands require you to rehydrate the tomatoes first by soaking them in water and the tomatoes seem to lose flavor when you do that. Just be sure to pick one that you can just take them out and use them.

    Good luck!

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